Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Boy is time flying by or what? I can't believe it is Easter already! I swear it could still be October and I could still be pregnant! But I'm not... My babies are getting so big! 5 months old already!!!! Can you believe that?!? I often wonder where the time has gone! And I'm lucky in the sense I get to stay at home with them all day. Sure it might not be easy some days-but it's the most rewarding thing I could ever do! So-what's new with us?!?!
Well...Anthony and Nicholas are starting to giggle. They have before..but it's like pulling teeth trying to get them to laugh. It's so hard! Anthony is more of the giggler! He is so cute! We can't wait til they do it consistently. Nicholas will laugh-and then the hiccups follow suit-so it's short lived. They really are happy babies all the time. Sure they cry-but for reasons-tired, hungry, wet. That's it. Oh-and the new one-they want their mommy! I love it! 
We are doing well with solids. Anthony is a pro at sucking it off the spoon. We have to dump it in Nicholas' mouth. That kid is a MESSY eater. I will attach a photo for all to see! They have had rice cereal, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, peas, and prunes. Poor Anthony has issues going to the bathroom. And I gave them sweet potatoes first as their veggie, only to find out it makes going to the bathroom difficult. OOPS! Poor guy! Now he's been going 3 days in a row! PROGRESS! They like the prunes. Maybe not the first spoonful-but they end up sucking them down. Too cute! Anthony is my neat eater. Nicholas...well...hmmm...Only a picture would do that justice so look up and you shall see!

Unfortunately they are waking up from their nap as I type. So-it's time to go. But I will add the Easter pics hopefully tonight! 

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Whoohoo! Last night was an AMAZING night! BOTH boys slept ALL NIGHT LONG! Can you believe it??!?!?!?! I certainly can't! We started vegetables last night with the boys. They had sweet potatoes and they were a big hit with Nicholas. His eyes would bug out of his head and he would kick ferociously in anticipation of the next bite. It was a sight to see. Anthony took awhile to get used to it-but he soon devoured it also. So they each split a tub of sweet potatoes, then had 2tbs each of oatmeal, and then a bottle! We stuffed them up! They went to bed by 8:30p and we didn't hear anything until 7a!! That's when Nicholas was heard on the monitor babbling to himself. It was so cute to wake up to! I asked Tony if he got up at all, and he asked me if I got up. We both said no and were in shock! Anthony ALWAYS gets up by 6:30am at the latest! I wanted Tony to go take a peek at him to make sure he was ok! Nicholas fell back asleep, or was content staring around the crib, until 7:30am when we got both boys and put them in the bed with us for just a few minutes...Afterall, it had been TWELVE HOURS since they last ate! Whooohoo!

Now-let's see what tonight has in store for us....

Update time!

Well...Let's start at Anthony's CT scan. On Thursday Anthony had his CT scan at 9:30am. He couldn't have milk after 3am. He was allowed Pedialyte until 7am. Of course he woke up at 3:30am starving! But he did well! When we were called in, the nurse said we could give him his bottle-and see if that made him sleepy. Ya right. That certainly didn't work! So she told the tech she was going to give him the medicine and we'd be right in. It's given rectally and it makes him sleepy. Well the tech said to just try him first-and we did. He was SO GOOD! I laid him down, the tech put towels around his head then taped it so he wouldn't move around. Then she wrapped him up in the sheets, and put the vest over him to protect him from the radiation. He just laid there and sucked on his pacifier. He was so darn cute! It lasted a whopping minute and we were done! I was so proud of him! I wish I had a camera on me! 

The Dr. called the next day with the results. ALL WAS WELL! YAY! I was really freaked out about this test. I don't know why. I guess because I didn't want him labeled in any way. To me, he's absolutely beautiful in every way. But I didn't want him to be labeled "slow" "learning disabled" and the likes. I want him to lead a happy and healthy life. And he most certainly will! The Dr. did say we have to keep an eye on it and watch the growth. If it continues, we may have to see another Dr. However, I am confident that his head size has everything to do with his Italian heritage! 

I will be back later to post more updates! Otherwise-this would be one reallly longggg post!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Time flies...

It is the eve of my 28th birthday. I am that much closer to hitting 30. How depressing is that?!?! I might have to dig a hole and bury myself in it when the year 2010 arrives. Anyone want to join me? Let's hope the boys got my memo about my birthday gift. A full nights sleep! Something tells me if they did get it, they certainly didn't read it! One could only hope! ;)
Today we ventured off to the mall in the pouring rain. The bos were relatively behaved, as much as a 4.5 month old could be. We went to Target an Babies R Us. Not too exciting. They were pretty good in Target, Anthony started to get restless so I made up a bottle for him and propped it on a blanket and he was good to go. I bought some sleepers for them. They have outgrown the 0-3 month ones and we are on to the 3-6, but there aren't many. So I bought 4 of them. Then it was off to BRU, for what I didn't know, but I would feel more at home there with a screaming baby, or two. I bought two more Baby Einstein DVD's. I was getting sick of the Baby Noah one. There's only so many times you can see it! They really only watch it when I am pumping. That's about it. We got in line, by now the boys were all set to let their lungs to a little bit of work, and the line was not moving at a fast enough pace. Not for me-or the boys! Then the cashier asked the couple in front of me if they wanted her to take the hangars out. Ummm...NO! Let's get a move on! By now I have TWO SCREAMING babies! One would start, the other would stop. It was a vicious cycle, and I wanted OUT! Once in the car they fell fast asleep. I couldn't complain though-they were good. As long as I make my trips last no more than an hour! 
So Nicholas is developing at what seems like such a fast pace. One day he doesn't babble like Anthony does, and the next day, it was like, "WHOA!" He is too funny! He loves talking back to you! And it's what he does-right back to you. So cute to watch. If you put your face in front of his, he reaches up with both hands and tries to bring you to his mouth. His hands are everywhere! He grabs things and now we have to be careful what's around him because you never know what he's going to get those little fingers on! I love singing to him-he sings right back. Tonight I sang "You Are My Sunshine" to him and he just cooed away. One of these days I will be able to sing it without crying. Maybe.
Anthony is Anthony. He's got those squeezeable cheeks that protrude from his head! So cute! People think he weighs more-and I think it's because of the cheeks! One look at him and he just smiles a way at you! He too can put his hands together and grab toys. It's amazing how fast the develop new abilities. He used to be the babbler, but now that Nicholas has taken over, Anthony has taken a back seat. Funny how that is. 
Oh-and they notice each other! If you lay them on their sides, they will reach their hands towards each other and play with their hands. It's the cutest thing. One will talk and the other will listen. Even when they are sitting, one will be looking at the other and smiling. Rarely do they look at each other at the same time. 
We started oatmeal three days ago. It's going very well! I think they like it much better than the rice cereal. They chow down! When Anthony eats, it's like he's chewing it! Nicholas talks the whole time, and grabs his feet. It's quite a task feeding him!
And last but not least, I asked the pediatrician to contact the Enfamil Rep. I heard they may give free formula to moms of multiples. So he said he would look into it. Well, I got a call from the pedi's office yesterday and told me to come pick up the formula. I had no idea how much there was. I was shocked to find out there were FOUR CASES of it! Whoohoo! They are the small sample cans(8oz), but I will take it! That's 24 cans of FREE formula! AND-they said the REP said they were sending two more cases to the house! YIKES! 
Well-I should sign off. Anthony is in the process of crying, stopping, crying, stopping, so on and so forth. Hopefully tonight for my birthday I will get that sleep I want! ;)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

4 Month Check Up

Oh what a day it was. It was one of those days that just came at you out of nowhere! I was excited to be going to the Dr's because I had some questions and hopefully he had some answers. I was eager to see what they weighed. The appointment started off normal. They were weighed and measured. Nicholas weighs in at 13lbs12oz and Anthony weighs in at 13lbs even. They've doubled their weight in 4 months! Not too bad I might say! Although-I honestly don't want them to gain weight fast, for the simple reason they will be in their carseats longer. I can hope, right?

The Dr came in and examined Nicholas first. He asked all the questions on how much he is eating, what he's eating, and if he's otherwise healthy. I told the Dr. that his neck is always to the right side. We brought it up at the 2 month appt but the Dr didn't think it was as bad then. This time, he noticed it was more prevalent, so he said to contact Early Intevention. So essentially Nicholas has torticollis, which means twisted neck. EI will come to the house on March 18th at 11 am. I'm assuming they will evaluate him and then we will go from there. I'm guessing they will come maybe once a week or every two weeks. They will do stretches with him and show me how to do them with him on a regular basis. I just don't want him to have a flat head and need a helmet.

Then it was Anthony's turn. The Dr. asked if his head was large. I don't notice a difference because I am with him 24/7. Whatever the matter-I think he's pretty darn cute! So-with that question-I knew there was something up. This poor kid can't catch a break if he tried. The Dr. wanted to check the measurements one more time to make sure the nurse was right. Well...she wasn't right. It was actually SMALLER than she measured! GREAT! So-the Dr. said he had to have a CT scan based on the jump in circumference in his head. He went from somewhere along the 50% percentile to 90/95% percentile. Poor kid. I was looking at my husband and picturing my father in law in my head when I realized their heads were rather large. SO! Hopefully there is no fluid there-and it's just a family trait he inherited from the Italians. One can only hope! 

Tomorrow-hopefully-will be a post filled with pictures and an update on the boys new adventures. All for my sister. Probably the only one who even reads this!