Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I know I know, it's been too long! I am such a slacker! Every night I say to myself, "update the blog!" And yet-I never do! Soooo bad. Anyways-let's cut to the chase!

The boys are doing AMAZING! They are soooo much fun! Anthony is walking everywhere now. He is funny though because he walks with his hands out, like for balance. It's too funny. He's also really really really attached to me. Sometimes it makes things difficult to get ANYTHING done. I will say though, I am highly honored! He has quite the mouthful of teeth. In fact I think he has a FEW molars! I'll have to count one of these days. Still no words, but he's really good at babbling when he wants to! We are working on using plates/forks/spoons. Some days are better than others. He has the tendency to like to do things for himself. It should get interesting when he's in preschool, if not sooner! We are off ALL bottles-that was done on New Years' Eve. No problems there. Anthony is a milk-a-holic! LOVES milk. He drinks almost double what Nicholas drinks! 
Nicholas is also not talking yet, but is a proud babbler as well. I think he will be the first to talk. It's really amazing what these kids understand at such a young age. Tony and I can not believe it. We are patiently waiting for them to start speaking. I'm not too concerned, as they do understand almost everything we are saying! Nicholas can basically run. He also likes to run away if it's time to change a diaper, change clothes, etc. It's a game for him-and it's rather cute I might add! He loves to spin around with daddy and get all dizzy. Boys boys boys. Anthony is not a fan of that activity. They both LOVE books. It's great to be sitting anywhere, and have the two of them walk over to you with huge grins on their faces and a book in hand. And Nicholas HAS to sit on your lap! Adorable. 

The winter is getting long, as it's not easy going out when it's FREEZING or snowing, which is what seems to be happening a lot lately! I never minded the winter, but now that I have kids-I can't stand it. It makes for a longggggg day. Speaking of which...We are now down to one nap. We are still in the learning phase of it all, but so far, so good. For the most part...LOL! They wake around 7:30/7:45am now and go down for their nap between 12/12:30. Oddly enough they do not seem overly tired by this time. I know I am! Anthony always seems to wake within the first hour. I've let him CIO and he's gone back to sleep. Nicholas has been woken up and he too goes back to sleep. THANKFULLY! I try to sleep-but I can't. I am always thinking and waiting for one of them to wake up. Drives me batty. Hopefully soon they will BOTH get the memo to sleep for at least two hours. Once they do-I will be one happy momma!

We are needing to get creative in terms of "play." I am bored. I'll be honest. LOL! We have a ball pit now, which I am thinking probably was not the greatest idea, especially as the two of them tipped it over this afternoon and balls went EVERYWHERE. Oh yes. It was great. Also, I let them play in the fridge for a few minutes. They love it. We have tried coloring at the table-which they really enjoy. Going outside is a chore and one we have done twice. Once when daddy was home we went out in the snow for the first time. They LOVED it. Well-the sledding part at least! LOL! Nicholas wanted nothing to do with being IN the snow though! Oh well! We took them down the street twice-it was really cute! And then I took them for a walk when the temperature was over 30 degrees for a change. Anything for a change! I try to get out and about at least once a week. It helps make the day go by faster. And they like it too-I think!

As for other news...We bought a new car! Well new to us, but it's used. Tony refuses to buy a new car. I have to say-he has a point. We saved at least $10,000 by getting a car that was only 2 years old and had only 25,000 miles on it. Not too shabby. We got the Toyota Sienna AWD minivan. It was the way to go. I want convenience here! And a sliding door, as well as a car starter. Which we have! :) I also got $8,000 for my Rav4. Not a bad deal all the way around. 

AFM and the baby...Things are going well. We had the big u/s last week and all was well. I was really worried they would find something wrong, or the baby wouldn't be growing well, etc...But-all is well! I felt much better! They didn't get a great look at the heart, so we go back in two weeks. We also got a few 3D photos-which are really cool! I hope to ask for some more when we go in 2 weeks. I will have to post photos. My next posting will have to be of photos only! I am feeling the baby move more and more. However-I do not feel the baby almost the entire day. These boys keep me busy!!! I only feel the baby when I am sitting or laying down. Apparently something I do not get to do throughout the day! LOL! I still do not feel pregnant, nor have I gained any weight, nor do I think I am actually showing really. Tony thinks it's because I had the boys already, so I might not grow much. I want to look pregnant and not FAT! Geez! LOL! 

So-that's about everything in a nutshell! We get the car tomorrow, we have lots of visitors as well tomorrow...busy busy! OK. Off to do laundry and wash the floors. And then have something sweet to eat! Any excuse, right?!? OK. By Sunday, I PROMISE-photos. And lots of 'em!