Wednesday, December 2, 2009

First Haircut!

Today was a big milestone at the house! I called up this morning to see if I could get Anthony an appointment to get his haircut! I had been meaning to all week and kept forgetting. Luckily I was able to get in at 4pm. Today, December 2nd, is the SAME day Nicholas got his first haircut-just a year prior. Now-Anthony didn't really NEED the haircut. It's still quite thin. However, it did need a little taming done to it. So-we had it done!

And I was quite surprised when he sat in the seat-he wanted nothing to do with it! He wasn't screaming or anything, but he was reaching for me to get out of the chair. His reaction is how I pictured Nicholas to be, and it was the total opposite. WEIRD! We tried a toy and he wanted nothing to do with that, but I mentioned 'pop' and he was all over that! Silly me brought nothing to distract him with because I thought it would be a walk in the park!

We gave him a lollipop and he quickly unwrapped it. He put it in his mouth for two seconds-and that was it! He just sat there totally unsure of what was going on! It literally took two seconds to do, but I HAD to get the little certificate with his first hair in it! Now-to keep Annabella's hair growing until next December... However, as of now-it doesn't seem like that will be an issue! Here are some photos:


First cut:
Snip. Snip.
I see you....
What a handsome little boy!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Two years old and big changes!

The boys had their two year appointment today. All is going well for them. The Dr did say they are not to have more than 24 oz of milk/day. Apparently he doesn't know my kids! It's like their comfort-milk! I need to stop giving it tot them but it is just sooo hard! Anthony has geographic tongue. The Dr. said it had no effect on him. You can google it if you want! When he drinks milk, you can tell his tongue is different-it's like, well, a map! On his tongue! :)

Nicholas is weighing in at 27lbs6oz and he is 35 inches tall! Anthony is weighing in at 23lbs15oz and is 32 inches tall! The nurse tried really hard to give Anthony that extra ounce, but it wasn't happening! And there is 3 inches between them in height. Funny because that's what I was telling everyone! A mother knows! What else... They got the swine flu vaccine today as well. Currently, the swine flu is wreaking havoc across the US. It especially affects kids. And in order to protect Annabella, I had the boys get the vaccine. Funny thing is though, they possibly have ALL had the flu already(regular flu season hasn't even started yet). Annabella had gone in with a fever of 103.7 and the pedi looked at her and immediately said flu. So who knows.

The boys were discharged from EI services on Monday. It was sad to say goodbye to Elissa their therapist. It was a short six months, but the gains they have made are AMAZING! Nicholas is now consistently putting two words together. For example, "NiNi's turn" "Bella's diaper" "Momma up!" It's really amazing to listen to!

And the most important thing Nicholas has done?? I put them down for nap today(11/19). As I am laying them down and covering them up, I say, "Night night. Bye bye. Love you." And-they repeat the first two back to me. Never have they said "love you" back. That is-until today. I said the three sentences to Nicholas and he responded with, "Love you!" Now-how AMAZING is that?!?!!? The joys of motherhood I tell you!

And lately Nicholas has been quite the affectionate one. Usually he is so busy doing other things and isn't into sitting with you, etc. Lately though, it's "Momma up! Up Momma!" And he wants me to pick him up and hold him. Such a sweet kid!

He did manage to break his glasses after wearing them-albeit sporadically-for a week. We are now patiently waiting for new ones to come in. Let's hope it is SOON.

I tell ya-these two boys keep me on my toes! But they are just the sweetest little things-most of the time! ;) We laugh constantly. We're silly together. We dance together. We read together. We snuggle together. It never gets old. They are just such lovely little boys. And sweet. And caring. They dote on their little sister. It is AMAZING to see how good they are with her. Now-I still wouldn't leave them alone with her(more than a minute or so). But they are just so cute with her! They kiss her GENTLY on her head-and on their own accord! When I've feeding her they'll kiss her, or they'll rub her head, or burp her. They don't understand their strength, so I don't think they are really being malicious with her. Anthony does seem to get a bit excited too by her. And she ADORES them! She sees them and immediately she has an enormous smile for them. And they reciprocate. It's just so special to see! I still can't believe I am a mother to three.

Sometimes I wonder why I was ever worried in the first place!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

More photos...

A few more birthday photos and Nicholas and Annabella.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Birthday photos!

I am too lazy to go and rearrange the photos. But you get the jist of them! These were taken on their party(17th) and on their actual birthday(18th).

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Can you freakin' believe it?!?? I certainly can't! Nicholas and Anthony are now TWO years old! I'm still scratching my head wondering where the heck all that time went! To think they went from helpless infants to independent toddlers in two very short years.... Now, they drink from their sippy cups, as well as cups without covers. They use plates and bowls, spoons and forks(proficiently I might add). They can zip and sometimes unzip their jackets. Their vocabulary grows everyday(for the most part). They know their colors. Nicholas can count to 10. They are starting to sing their ABC's. They know many animals-and LOVE animals. They are fond of trucks, cars, planes. They love music and singing, especially Laurie Berkner. They can climb into the mini van all by themselves, as well as their seats. You can take them for a walk down the street-and they listen. They love Mr. Potato Head. They love to run around and be goofy. They love to play with each other. They ADORE their sister(and here I thought their world would be ruined...)! They understand EVERYTHING we say(even if they can't say much yet). They are big fans of Sesame Street, Jack's Big Music Show, and Sid the Science Kid. Anthony LOVES LOVES LOVES cooking shows. They love to help cook in the kitchen. They are picky eaters. Anthony loves his fruit, Nicholas loves his pasta. Milk-they can't get enough of. Anthony LOVES espresso. Seriously. They are not big sweet eaters(certain things, yes). They no longer use a pacifier.

Oh my-the list is endless! It's amazing to see how my little boys have grown sooo much! To think they were over 6 lbs at birth, and now they are well over 20lbs. And to think Anthony spent his first week of life in the NICU, and you would never know it. Then, he struggled to eat ONE ounce. ONE. Now-he can eat like a champion-when he wants to at least!

In all honesty, there has not been a day, in the last two years, that Tony and I have not laughed or smiled due to the joy the boys have brought into our lives. Nor does a day go by where we tell each other we have the most amazing children. The most beautiful children. And most certainly, the most loved.

I know we didn't go down the "traditional" path of having our boys. And in all honesty, I am glad we didn't. If it wasn't for IVF, those precious little boys of mine wouldn't be here. I'm glad that path was chosen for us, and even more glad(does that even make sense?) that I decided to walk down it.

So to Nicholas and Anthony-I want to wish you the best Happy Birthday ever! I don't know if you will ever realize how much you mean to mommy and daddy, and the rest of your family. You are the light of our lives, and forever will be. WE LOVE YOU!

Mommy and Daddy

(pictures to follow...)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Anthony's BIG accomplishment!

I don't have a picture of it-but I really should... I was in the bathroom and Anthony followed me in. He said, "Ppp! Ppp!" That means, poop! So I asked him if he had to go and he started to giggle. So I took off his overalls and diaper and he sat right down on the potty. The smile on his face was from ear to ear! They love to sit on the potty! I told him to pushhhhhh and of course he tried! LOL!

Well, he then stood up and goes, "Ppp! Ppp!" I said, "Did you poop?" He shook his head up and down! I then looked in the potty and didn't see any poop. But what I did see was pee! He peed in the potty!!!!! I made a big deal about it. When Zia came over he showed her. When Daddy came home, he grabbed his hand and brought him to the bathroom. When NaNa came over, he showed her. And when Grandma came over, he showed her as well. He sure was beaming!

It was probably a fluke-but we'll take it! First pee in the potty: October 13, 2009!

"NiNi's" new accessory

Is he not just the cutest thing ever???? Surprisingly-he kept them on! He never really tried to take them off. I guess the Dr. was right afterall?!?! We had to go show daddy at the office on our way home. I said, "Ok-let's go show NaNa" to which he replied, "DaDa! DaDa!" I told him we could stop by the office after we got the glasses when we pulled up to the eye glass store. He has a great memory! Now off to find some straps to keep them ON his head!

Four Months Old!

Well the princess has turned four months old-ALREADY! We had her four month pediatrician appointment on Monday at 9:15am. Boy is she growing! She is now weighing 14.6lbs! That puts her in the 50-70% for weight. And for height she is in the 70-90%. Where she is getting her height, I am not sure! Overall she is doing great! I asked the Dr. about her spitting up and he seemed perplexed that she actually did spit up! Her weight certainly does not reflect that! I could add rice cereal to her bottles if I chose to. I could do the same with the boys, but I never did end up doing that...

Four months old!

What a happy little baby!

He did also say we can start cereal/solids if we like. He said anywhere between 4-6 months it was fine. Once we start adding foods, we need to do the new food only for a total of 4-5 foods to watch for allergies. We started rice cereal on Monday, 10/12. It didn't go so hot. She certainly was not a fan of it-it just sat on her tongue/in her mouth. She didn't devour it like her brothers... Maybe in due time. I'll stick with the cereal for a bit before I add anything else. I don't think I added fruits/veggies with the boys until 6 months, but I could be mistaken! It's just something else to worry about!

In her mouth it goes:

Where she proceeds to let it sit there...

Something tells me she is not a fan...

I also asked about the swine flu vaccine. The pedi said if I think the regular flu is safe for the boys, then I should think the same of the swine flu vaccine. I need to protect the boys, but I also need to protect Annabella, who can't get the vaccines yet. We do go to storytime at the library now, so we are out in public(vs us never leaving the house). And I think the swine flu is hard on kids. But-we'll see. They didn't have any, so I still have time to make a decision!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Storytime Survival!

I did it! Whoohooo!!!! I survived storytime! With not one, not two, but THREE kids! All by myself! If that doesn't deserve a celebration, I don't know what does! ;) I decided to sign the boys up for story time at the town library. I figured it would be good for them as well as get us out of the house. I had little expectations, just hoped they didn't scream! Well-they didn't scream, a few tears were shed, but overall I consider it a success! I do think it was a bit long for their age group(2-3.5), but hopefully with time they will adjust to it. They were able to go up to the front of the group and participate in various acitivies(putting a sticker next to their name, adding food to a soup bowl, and adding felt pieces to a story). It was a lot to ask of them-as they had to sit down and wait their turn, and wait for everyone to be done(14 kids total). Anthony got upset when Nicholas had a turn and not him(he eventually did). Then he got upset again because he wanted to keep on helping out! Oh well....

After the story, there was a little activity they could do. It was an alphabet book where they added die-cut letteres(A-D) and then added the corresponding stickers to them. We managed doing it on our own with no problem. This is when Annabella decided to join us and wake up and start to fuss. I can't expect miracles, right? She did great as well-luckily she slept for most of it!

There was another little boy, who was born the same day as Nicholas and Anthony. He was quite verbal(has an older brother), but he also left relatively quickly. The screaming was insane. The mother and I were talking how he has given her a run for her money. Don't all kids to that at one point or another?! ? ;)

I did get a good chuckle. There was another mother there who had twins-they had to be almost 3 years old, if not 3. Well, I noticed a woman sitting next to her and noticed there was no child with her. That's because she was this mother's friend who was brought along to help her! Here I am, two toddlers and an infant! ALONE! Granted, I certainly would have LOVED and taken the help, but there was none to be given! :)

After storytime, we drove to the office to have lunch with daddy. The boys were VERY eager to show daddy their alphabet book. It was too cute!

All in all, it was a great experience. I am a bit afraid of what next week will be like-seeing how they may be a bit more comfortable... Time will tell! The only downside is I didn't get any photos!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

What's New?

Well-not much! LOL! The kids are doing great-really. Last week, on Tuesday I believe it was, I didn't turn the TV on all day long! It was amazing! And looking back-I am not sure how I did that! However-the boys were AMAZING! They played well and never ONCE asked for the TV until 5pm. A MIRACLE! So provided I don't need to get a ton of things done and we are all happy-I will limit the amount of time the TV is on. I'll be honest and say it's on almost the entire day, but they really only watch a little bit of it. It's mostly on for background noise.

Can you believe we are a mere TWO weeks away from the boys SECOND birthday?!?! When did that happen? I seriously can not believe it's been two years already. I could just cry! They are just such amazing little boys! They are the sweetest kids. And I'm not saying that just because I am their mother. They really, truly are amazing, sweet little boys. Blessed is an understatement! We have a new routine at night when I bring them to bed. I sit down in the glider and they both come and sit on my lap and lay their head on my chest. I sing two to three songs. I start with "Old MacDonald" then move on to "ABC's" and then, "You Are My Sunshine." They lay there nice and quietly, I sing to them, and generally have tears in my eyes by the end of it. It's such a great moment to be sharing with them. I think of them getting older, and how they won't let me sing to them, let alone want to sit on my lap. So I try to cherish every single moment I have with them. Before I know it, it will all be a distant memory. Then, I put them in their cribs and they "jump up and down, jump up and down." I sing, "Night night Nicholas, night, night Nicholas. Night night Nicholas, it's time to go to sleep." I do the same thing with Anthony. When I finish, I cover them up with a blanket-that's new. And then, the other day, when I said "good night" to them, Nicholas jumped up from being covered, threw his pacifier to the mattress, and started blowing kisses to me.

Now what mother's heart wouldn't just melt with that? That's why I am the luckiest mother. Really.


I've been meaning to post, but time just goes by so quickly in the evening! We had an eye doctor appointment for Nicholas back on September 23rd. Nicholas' left eye turns inward-like a lazy eye. At first, I thought I was seeing things, or it was a one time deal. But then others noticed it as well, so I knew it wasn't just me. I called and made the appointment. We went into the appointment thinking he would maybe need a patch to correct it. WRONG! What we heard instead was quite the opposite.

After literally a five minute check, the Dr. said Nicholas needed glasses. He needed them so bad, he needed them yesterday! Yikes! He said he was farsighted, meaning he can't see near. It totally baffles us-ALL of us. We just don't see it. Maybe he does see things and they are blurry? I don't know. But when you ask him to point things out in the book, or to find this or that, he does it without hesitation. I even talked to his speeh therapist and she was baffled as well. She wanted to know how this came about, when it came about(not present after birth).

So we are looking to maybe get a second opinion. There is no problem with him wearing glasses. We just want to know if it really is as severe as the Dr. said it was. We ordered the glasses which are going to take forever to come in. The lady said they were going to be really thick glasses. Yikes! I asked the Dr. how was Nicholas going to keep them on. He said, "Oh he will! He can't see! He'll WANT them on." Alrighty Doc... if you say so!

More to come in a few weeks about this...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Smartie Pants!

When I get the rare chance...when the baby is sleeping, the house is semi clean, and the boys are happy-I sit down and "work" with them. I feel bad we are not doing more. Sometimes it eats at me....I try not to dwell on it too much...

So today we worked on colors and counting. They have this toy where you put the pegs into the holes on five different vehicles-all different colors. So-I would have the boys find the green truck, the blue train, the yellow car, etc. They did that with ease! Smart boys! Then I started counting the holes. I then started counting using my fingers, and holding each one up in the process. Nicholas eats this ups and tries to count using his fingers as well. I counted to 10 for a change, instead of to five, and Nicholas tried. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. It was AWESOME! He makes me so proud!!! He doesn't say the full word yet-but he makes the initial sound. I would start and say "one." He would repeat. And we did this from 1-10. Sometimes, he would say the sound before I even did! When we got to eight-he said it-clear as day practically. Then he went straight to nine, and then ten. Without me saying it first. 

Maybe I am doing something right afterall?

Anthony's new love

Anthony LOVES watching cooking shows. How adorable is that? When the show ends-he signs "more." So daddy has to search the DVR to see if there are more shows available. He's a chef in the making! 

Sunday, September 20, 2009

No rest for the weary!

It was yet another busy weekend at our household! Where we find the energy is beyond me-but we do! Fall is fast approaching here in New England. And with that-it means the BIG E has arrived! It started this past Friday and we took the boys. My mother-in-law took Annabella for the night and we took the boys to the Big E. They were AWESOME! They were so well behaved, it was crazy. We didn't even get home until 9:30pm! 

Saturday we went to go pick Annabella up from Nonni's house. Then I came home and had to get ready for a baby shower. I brought Annabella with me, so Tony was home with the boys. They were able to go outside and play in the yard with daddy-which is always nice. I got home and picked them all up and we went to Meggie's house, as she was having a party and apparently "Auntie" has talked about the kids since birth-so everyone wanted to meet them. Well-meet them they did! Nicholas was not on his best behavior it was quite late, not to mention no dinner.... Lesson learned there! BUT-from there-we went to Zia's house as it was her birthday. So-Saturday night they went to bed at 10pm... Eek!

And today we ventured to the Big E yet again. However-it wasn't the best experience. We went for about 11am. We had strength in numbers with my mother in law as well as my sister. They are probably cursing themselves for even going! Nicholas was not happy. Daddy...he took them out of the wagon relatively early on in our trip-so they pretty much were not happy in it anymore. We walked around for a bit, ate a bit, and then pretty much left. They went on one ride that they love, where the cars speed around the corners. The smile on Nicholas' face is priceless! I have to load the photos still... And then we came home for a nap-THANK goodness they napped-and then it was off to Olive Garden for Zia Jen's birthday. Back home for cake-and in bed by 8:30pm-which is a lot earlier than the past two nights for them!

The princess is just a doll. Gosh is she the happiest baby in the world or what?!? I'm in the process of mentally preparing their Christmas lists. I want some pink added to the house! Not that I am exactly a girly-girl, but a little change will be nice. I was picturing her today, walking around at her birthday with a stroller and her baby dolls. How cute would that be?!?!?

Alright-space hog is signing off and going to bed. Maybe. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Apple Picking!

I live for the weekends. As much as I may want to stay home and veg and have someone else watch the boys for a few hours, I also want to go out and do something with them. I feel bad that we stay home ALL.WEEK.LONG. I do not leave the house-except to go to lunch with Tony and his father-or we got to one of the grandparent's houses for dinner. That's it. No parks, no libraries, no malls, no stores. Nothing. I don't even take them outside. I feel HORRIBLE about it. I know this is just a short time period, but I still feel bad that the boys are stuck indoors all the time. It's just hard with the baby and her napping and feeding schedule. Going out is fine-malls, etc... But I'm not sure how I would deal with all three of them-especially if she got fussy, etc. So I stay home. Plus-it's cheaper. Anyways...

So the weekends I always try to do something with the boys. I make sure they get outside and play. We go to different places. We'll take them to the zoo or to the park. And if we can, we bring the baby to Tony's parents house and it's just us and the boys. So this past weekend we went apple picking. It was absolutely gorgeous out-actually even, dare I say, "hot." It was probably at least 80 degrees. And whenever Tony and I have gone apple picking-it's been FREEZING-so this was a change! We went to Echo Hill and I have to say it was a bit disappointing. At least to us adults it was. Most of the apples were on the floor. Not sure if that's because of the insance amount of rain we receieved this year or what. So that was disappointing. The orchards weren't really kept up either. Tall, tall grass. Anthony had trouble walking through it, not to mention the loads of apples scattered everywhere. But-the most important part is that the boys had a good time, and that's all that really matters. As we were on the tractor ride back, I was talking to Tony and I got teary-eyed. This is what parenthood is all about-and it's amazing and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Here are some photos: