Thursday, November 27, 2008


Today was the boys second Thanksgiving. Although-it was the first they could actually eat at! Nicholas snacked a bit too he was not keen on the turkey and all the fixings. Anthony ate much better than Nicholas. They do both love cranberry sauce however! Nicholas proceeded to eat a few bites, and then the rest found the floor. It doesn't take much. Luckily the dog ate a good amount of it. I knew there was a reason we kept her around!

The boys had a great day today. They played with their cousins Jackson and Katrina, napped well, and hung out with family. They are such easy going kids. How did I get so lucky???

So, I just wanted to take this time to say how unbelievably thankful I am that I have those boys in my life. They are my world, my everything. I thank God for those boys on a daily basis. I am glad I was chosen to have to deal with infertility. If I wasn't-those boys would not be a part of my life. And I just can not imagine my life without either one of them in it. They truly, truly, truly are just amazing kids.

Can life get any better??? I mean, really? :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 21, 2008


I promised some photos-so here I am with some. I just love my boys! Have I said that before? I seriously can't say it enough! Tony and I say it EVERYDAY-more than once! Even when they cry and fuss-we still say it! For instance-today I gave them some goldfish crackers for snack(they LOVE them!). Well I had Tony put them away because they would sit there and eat ALL OF THEM. Nicholas did not like that-and started to cry!!! He was so upset! Of course dh and I thought it was well as cute! 

The only new thing we are doing is trying to drop the bottles. Anthony-no problem. We've only done the morning one. Nicholas-won't have it. He whines and cries and fusses. I can't take it. It's so sad to see. Someone on another website said to wait until 15 months and then do it. I will keep trying-and have Anthony do the sippy cup-but if it doesn't work-I will give Nicholas the bottle. I am a sucker, I know! Here are some recent photos of my handsome men! 

Modeling their blazers....

Happy. Always happy. Well, almost always! ;)

They don't look thrilled here-but they do love to go grocery shopping! And they are usually the hit of the store! 

Anthony eating some Italian thing. Don't ask me the name. He liked it though.

Nicholas wating the Itailan thing as well. He didn't care for it too much. 

Saturday, November 15, 2008

One Year Pedi Update!

The boys finally had their one year appt with the pedi on Thursday. All is well with both of them! They were quite the sight in the room. Nicholas was walking all over the place in his diaper, while Anthony was cruising around the room! Those two were sooo happy! Gosh-I wish I could enclose them in a room with a carpet and they be perfectly content! Who would have thought???

Anyways...Nicholas weighs in at 22.4lbs and 30 1/2 inches, and Anthony weighs in at 21.6lbs and 28 inches. He's a tad shorter... But he sure packs a punch! LOL! They were given three shots, and the flu shot was one of them. I've never had the flu shot, nor the flu-so this thing better work wonders! We have to go back next month for round 2 of the flu shot. Hopefully I remember to make an appointment. So many freaking appointments, it's ridiculous!

Speaking of appts... While the pedi was checking out Anthony's hips, I could tell he had a bit of concern. He kept manipulating Anthony's legs. I knew something was up, but what I was not sure of. So as the appt went on, I saw him looking through notes, and seem somewhat spacey. Then in the end, he told us. He said while he was checking the hips-which he typically doesn't do at this age anymore-that he noticed a clicking noise. That clicking noise could be a sign of hip dysplasia. Now-he is not overly concerned that he has it-as he does cruise and walk with a toy. He said it could just be the joints or whatever. In any event, he wants him to get an x-ray of his hips. So-that's another appt, on top of us needing to go and get their bloodwork for lead and hemoglobin levels. I can only imagine how much fun this experience is going to be. Valium anyone??

As for the boys-they are just simply amazing! When are they not? Nicholas LOVES music and to dance. It's so cute when he stands there and starts bopping up and down. He hears music and instantly stops doing whatever and starts to get his groove on! It's too cute! He also has decided that when he does not like the food he is eating, he instead will chuck it over the side of his highchair, or gladly hand it to someone near by. Apparently this is something we are going to have to work on...

Anthony is a trouble maker-but a happy one! This kid has NO fear. I caught him standing on a toy chair, getting into the entertainment center pulling out all the DVD's. STANDING on the chair! What a stinker! He likes to look at you and smile when he is doing something he knows he shouldn't. He is such a ham though! You talk to him the right way and you are guaranteed to get a smile out of him. Nicholas on the other hand, is a bit more wary of others, so he just looks ultra serious and stares! 

Tony and I went away to Vegas and we SURVIVED! The first day was really hard for me, but after that it was much better. I could not wait to land in Hartford and see my boys! We did not win any money-but we did get to stay in a deluxe suite FREE at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Can't beat that, now can you? So if you take that into consideration-we did pretty well for ourselves. Overall the trip was relaxing, as we were not running here or there. We pretty much stayed in one place for the day and played poker. As for eating, I wasn't feeling the best while we were there, so I ate minimal amounts, which bothered me seeing how we were surrounded by wonderful restaurants! Oh well...maybe next time!

When we got home and saw the boys the following morning... They were up with Nonni(she let us sleep in a bit before she got ready for work), and I came out of the room and started calling their names. Nicholas walked around the corner and just STARED. It was like he was stunned! And then of course-he pointed at the light! Anthony smiled and started to laugh when he saw us. It was really cute. I guess they really did miss us! 

Oh-and I have to say-they have been sleeping better the last few weeks. I shouldn't say better-I should say LONGER. We'll see how long it continues, but they have also been teething so who knows. I just hope they continue to take long naps and wake up around 7am. I can like that! 

Next post I will have to add some photos of the boys! I promise!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I have been a slacker! Sorry! Every night I look at the link at the top of the page, and sometimes even click on it-and just never post. I am too tired to start writing, as once I do-it never seems to stop! So-here I am watching the most highly anticipated Presidential Election, and hopefully history in the making! 

So-what are we up to? Let's see.... Anthony had the catheter taken out on Monday. That went really well and I was so proud of him! He did not cry at all! He whimpered for a second-and it was over. He was so good! It's still swollen and sore. He needs a cream for a yeast rash, put on twice a day until that heals. He goes back in two weeks to check on the progress of the healing. He had EI on Monday and the PT was very happy with his progress. He now rolls once he gets on his back(which mommy is not thrilled with as it's making diaper changes quite difficult!). She said he has a lot more strength in his legs-which is GREAT. She can see his more steady than he was before. He also stood alone for a good 10 seconds while she was here. So-he's getting a bit more daring! And she wanted to see how he would do on the stairs-and yep-he can climb them! He only did one as he was a tad fussy-but he did it! Not sure if I should be happy about that! 

What else??? They are just little sponges! Today-Nicholas did something new....I said, "Shhhh" to him earlier. Tonight at dinner, I turned to Nicholas and said, "Shhhh" and held my finger to my mouth. He in turn-imitated me! It was SO DARN CUTE! I can't believe he picked it up so quickly! They are just amazing little boys! Nicholas walks everywhere, and he even tries to run! LOL! At least he picks up his pace. At night he seems to get a second wind-where he walks around babbling A LOT, laughing, and walking around in circles! Anthony is still smiling. He smiles, smiles, and smiles some more. He really is a trip. He is lately in the habit of wanting to be held. He looks up at you with those eyes-and when you do pick him up-he is all smiles! LOL! 

Oh-and the boys know when we are going outside, or going for a ride, or to brush their teeth! If I say any of those options-they go to the proper door, or to the bathroom. And if I say "let's go brush your teeth" the two of them HAPPILY run off to the bathroom. It is too darn cute. 

Last night-they had their FIRST bath in the big tub! It was quite the sight.... DH got them ready. I was in the bathroom getting the bath ready. Next thing I hear, "Go find mommy!" So I look out of the bathroom and I see the two of them. Stark Naked. Nicholas is walking down the hall, and Anthony is crawling. Naked. It was quite the sight! And adorable of course! So-Anthony crawls over to me and I put him in the tub. Nicholas stood at the door. And peed! TWICE! I was laughing so hard I nearly joined him! Then-he walks over to me and starts climbing up my leg trying to get into the tub! I couldn't believe it! How did he know to do that?!?! Anyways-they loved it! 

So-that's about it. Our schedule is pretty simple. They wake between 6-7am. Bottle at 7am, bkfst at 8am, nap at 9:15am. They wake up from nap and we usually play in their bedroom for a little bit. It's a change of scenery and they like it. Then we go downstairs and play some more. Or we get dressed and go somewhere, or go outside. Then it's lunch around noon. Bottle again at 1pm, nap at 1:30 or so. Wake up by 3 usually...and we go somewhere, outside, or stay home and play. Then it's dinner at 5, then more playtime, bath, bottle, and bed. We only do baths every other night-if we even remember! It's so hard! But they really are good babies. I will say though, after that second nap-they can be pretty rough! Usually they are grouchy and fussy and nothing seems to work! It is what it is!

Oh-and in 3 days....Tony and I will be in VEGAS. ALONE! I won't even get into the emotions involved in that! OK. I am off for the night. This is a long novel!