Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Don't Blink

Otherwise, you might miss the fact that your 11 month old daughter, stood up, and started pushing a toy-and WALKING. Good grief! I can't do anything with her around! We were outside the other day. Both boys were standing in front of me talking. Next thing I know, I look up and see Annabelle pushing the Dora ride on/push toy. I could barely believe my eyes. Just up and walked that child! And-she walked almost the whole distance of the driveway! Boy was she speedy! It was like she had been doing it forever.

It's only a matter of time now... My baby is growing up. :(

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Today I celebrated my third Mother's Day! And to think I thought it would never be possible! Amazing when you start to think about it! For Mother's Day, all I wanted was some rose bushes to plant in the front yard. But-not any rose bushes. I wanted ones the kids picked out, or ones that reminded me of the kids. Tony did a good job! He came home with "Easy Going" for Anthony, "Free Spirit" for Nicholas, and "Pretty Lady" for Annabella. I can't wait to plant them! Of course, I'm being lectured on taking care of them, etc. Of course I will! It will be part of the daily curriculum with the kids! Ha!

We had our families over for brunch for something different. That went pretty well. GG was here, and she's getting quite frail, so I'm thinking her days of coming here are numbered, if that wasn't the last one already. After brunch, it was naptime, and I was able to get one in. In peace! It was amazing! I slept for 90 minutes or so, and woke up and was shocked it was after 4pm! The kids all got up around then as well, and we got them ready to stop by a First Communion party, and then we were off to dinner at Carabba's.

Dinner was delicious there as always! The kids were pretty good as well. It helped we were almost at our own little private table, as there were none around. That certainly helped! On the way out, a woman who was dining with her husband said to me, "You have a beautiful family! Enjoy them!"

Thank you. I think so too-and I most certainly will enjoy them. One day, they'll be grown, and these will all be distant memories. But until then-NOW is the time to enjoy them...and enjoy them I will! Here are a few photos from before bed...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Getting close....

I'm having a hard time believing that Annabella is going to be a year old in just barely a month. Really. A year old already. I swear she was just born. I can still picture myself on the OR table, looking back when the OR door opened, and Tony walked in. Seeing his face, made it all real-we were having another baby! And what a wonderful baby she is! My goodness! She seriously is happy all.the.time. And I am not just saying that. She really, honestly is! Unless she is hurt, tired, or hungry. That's it. I'm beyond lucky!

She is quite the stinker, as she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. You have to be careful with her, whereas with the boys-I could have had a floor covered with pennies, and they wouldn't have even blinked! She is starting to become quite the cruiser, and I can totally see her walkingby her birthday. What's funny is that last week, she was unstable on her feet if you grabbed her fingers to walk. She was all over the place, still trying to find her balance. Well today, I grabbed her hands and she FLEW! Oh my goodness it was crazy to see her walk so fast! How and when did that happen?!?! She also claps on cue, as well as shake her head no. Both of which are totally adorable to see! And her newest thing? Which I found out tonight while at dinner with Grandma and Grandpa...

She was making noises-as she is quite the vocal one... And I turned to her and said, "hahaha!" To which she responded, "Hahaha!" Can you believe that?!? It wasn't a fluke-I did it numerous times and she responded to all of them! LOVE HER! Oh-and she is also starting to wave "hi!" and "bye!" I think the boys did that much later on. I would say within the last week she started doing that. My how fast they grow....

I'm just enjoying her to pieces. She's such a love. Her brothers totally dote on her. I love when they see each other first thing in the morning, or after a nap-they go crazy! All of them! The boys look at her all excited and say, "ANNABELLA!"! And she starts waving her hands, and jumping up and down in your arms. The three of them are going to be so close as they get older. It's a wonderful thing.

This is what life is all about!