Sunday, July 13, 2008

Off to ITALY!

Well-it's time to say Ciao! We are leaving at 12:30pm EST to head to the airport for our trip to Italy. WISH US LUCK! The boys are realllllllllllly good babies-I just hope they continue to be!

Nicholas is a crawling fool now-he is always on the move! So this should be interesting. They are both sitting up in their cribs too when they are put down at bedtime/naptime.

I am keeping this short as I am exhausted and I feel like I am getting the bug or something. My whole body aches. PRAY I do not get sick!!

I will be back August 1-with TONS of pictures!!!! Stay tuned!!!!


Thursday, July 10, 2008


My my my. Someone stop time. PLEASE! I will do anything if someone could! My boys are moving. And growing. All too quickly. Yesterday, July 9, 2008 Nicholas crawled. He did. About three leg movements forward-he crawled. All by himself. I didn't "show" him how to do it. I didn't hold one leg, move the arm, move the leg. None of that. He did it on his own-on his own time. And he was as beautiful as ever. My little boy growing up. I watched him earlier in the day. I said to myself, "Did he just crawl?" I almost didn't want to believe it. Then my sister came over-and lo and behold-he crawled! Now-he is not the easiest child to watch crawl. He likes to tease-probably because he has an audience! He gets into the position, up on all fours, and then goes and sits back down. Such a tease I tell you! 

This morning-Tony was able to see him crawl-and I have to say he was pretty excited! Tonight-he crawled even more, even farther. By the weekend-I'll be putting a harness on him to keep him in my sight. There's no stopping him now! It's so amazing to watch!

And Anthony. My sweet little Anthony. He's so funny. He trying oh so hard to crawl. He has only just started to get on all fours and rock(this past Saturday). On Tuesday, he went from a laying position to a sitting position. This week-he has also started to pull up. And this evening-it is safe to say that he is trying to crawl as well. He actually was able to move one leg forward, with the other one still stuck underneath him! But-he tried! From the looks of it-he wants to be just like his big brother! :) 

Gosh. They are just so fun to be around. I love it. Every waking minute of it. I LOVE it. Today I brought them to my old job. They are also going through something else-stranger anxiety/mommy separation. Which I have to say-I like it! There is nothing better than your child crying out for you. Granted-I might not think this at the age of 3, 4, 5, or whenever-but it is so darn cute. My boss took Anthony-and he was a bit cautious, but doing fine. Then all of a sudden-the tears came pouring down. Once in my arms-he was smiling. So CUTE! So-she took Nicholas. Again-pretty cautious(as he usually is until he surveys the scene). He turned around and looked at me/saw me. I saw the eyes get a bit red. He turned back around and stared to cry his "scared" cry. Melts your heart. My boss then took Anthony. She brought him over to the carpet to see him sit. Well-he sat for a good minute or two, maybe more. And then I hear her tell me to get over there. He put his head down and started to cry. Once I arrived-he was fine. I just love my boys! 

The boys enjoyed the kids(preschool aged). They were smiling and playing with their toys. And the kids were eager to share, and touch.... But for the most part-they were all really good. I fed them and then we came home. It was bit tricky now that we have the new car seats(as of Wednesday, July 2). They fell asleep. I wanted to keep them sleeping. Well-Nicholas woke up when we got home(he wasn't really sleeping). So I ran him up the stairs and left Anthony in the car(door open) and came back and got Anthony. I need a better way to do this. But it was naptime(a bit early though) and I didn't want to wake them up-play-and then have to go and put them down. I could have done that-seeing how Nicholas refused to sleep. No lie. He wanted nothing to do with it. Instead, I took him into my bedroom and we laid on the bed and he played and I tickled him and made him laugh. So sweet. He really is such a sweet boy.

People always say he is so sad looking, never smiles, etc. It really bothers me because he is such a HAPPY, BEAUTIFUL baby! I mean seriously-that kid smiles ALL the time at home. I make a noise-he starts to giggle. So sweet. And Anthony-well of course he smiles! I once said he would smile at a stick if it walked past him. And he would. They are just the two happiest babies one could ever hope for. And I am the lucky one because I get to be their mom. 


Anthony dancing with Mommy!
Look at those proud big cousins! And yes-they are red heads! Or "auburn" as my brother used to say when he was younger. My sil says they are single handedly repopulating the red head population!
Anthony all smiles at Pizzeria Uno's for Grandma's birthday
Nicholas' famous pose for the camera. Again-Uno's for Grandma's birthday!
As soon as he sees the flash-that's what he does. Hysterical.

Sad news

I hate to write this, but I unfortunately will. Yesterday was a sad day for my family. We found out that my sister-in-law lost one of the twins. She had an u/s at 20 weeks 3 days and they couldn't get a good look at the hearts. So-they scheduled another u/s for this past Monday. She was 21 weeks. And that's when they found out. I'm not sure of all of the details, but from what my brother told me, the baby was very very sick from what they have been told. He said the Dr's were phenomenal, etc. So-now we pray that the other baby makes it and thrives. When I last talked to my brother-he said the baby was very healthy and doing great. So-prayers please. This hit me exceptionally hard, and I have a hard time comprehending why. I think I know why-for many reasons-I have twins, they may be a constant reminder to SIL, we were JUST talking about me going up there for the weekend when they were born, etc, the list is endless. We just saw them on Saturday-and I took a 20 week belly picture. It's just so heartbreaking. I wish I was there for them, for her. 

It made me realize-not that I didn't know already-that having a baby is truly a miracle. We should savour every single moment that we have with them. You just never know what can happen. So today-I have banished the computer during the awake hours of the boys(they are now sleeping). I am not on it CONSTANTLY when they are up. I play with them and once they are good, I will check email, etc...Then I will go back and play with them, etc. I'm done. No computer. No TV. Just me and my boys. The way it should be. I need to savour every waking moment with them. Not that I haven't-because I have. Our time is short-and I don't want to miss a thing! 

Baby Twin Lang,
 I never got to officially meet you. But I want you to know how much you were-and ARE loved by every one in the family. Not a day will go by that we won't think of you. I now hope that you are above us, resting peacefully, watching over your twin sibling and telling him/her to keep on fighting. We are all waiting to meet him/her. And Baby Twin Lang-we will all meet you again. Don't you worry. And when your twin is born, I'm sure we will all see a piece of you in your sibling. You will always be in our hearts. We love you and will miss you terribly. 

Until we meet again....

Saturday, July 5, 2008

New milestones!

I have to post before I forget. One of these days I will be filling out their baby books(that I look at everyday and go, "Maybe I will fill that in today!"), and not remember what date things happened on. So...Today...

Nicholas has been trying to pull up lately. He will grab onto a toy, pull up to his knees, get one foot out and ready...and then go back down. He wasn't able to pull up on his own. Until today. We were at my brother's house and my mom was on the floor with him. He pulled up onto her knees...and then eventually...he was standing. I was flabergasted! That kid wants to MOVE! He has been getting on his knees and rocking for over a month now! After watching him, I could tell he just wants to walk! I'm not sure if I mentioned it in a previous post-but he is also a master at going from sitting to standing. I love just sitting and watching him move. It's crazy!

Not to be outdone by his big brother..but Anthony is on the prowl as well. He does attempt to crawl. He goes from sitting, moves his arms down, looks like he's about to crawl, and then lays on his belly. But he gets what he wants! ;) Anyways...Today...He got up on all fours and started rocking!!! Yay Anthony! He wants to move too! It's so funny to watch the two of them! I think it's just about time to start baby proofing the house. The other day, I was washing bottles, and I heard this crashing sound. I hear Nicholas start to whimper. I go into the living room and there he is...with the fireplace tools across his lap. He pulled them down! Stinker! Luckily he was not hurt!

Now-both boys have been doing this weird thing where they get up onto their 4's-almost like a weird pushup. No clue what that is-but they both do it! Funny. 

I am EXHAUSTED. It's been a very busy few days. We leave for Italy in just over a week. It's going to be another busy week...I can feel it! Tomorrow is my mom's birthday, so I will be taking the boys over there at some point in the day. Daddy will have some alone time at home-either to work on the basement or mow the lawn, or something. I'm just wondering when I will get that alone time! HA!

OK. Have to cut this one short. I am going to bed. Tomorrow I will update with photos from the last few days!