Monday, March 2, 2009

Fevers. Ick!

Anthony has now joined the ranks of having a fever. Nicholas had his first one last month-which thankfully Anthony did not get at that time. I can not tell you how worrisome it is when they have fevers! I do not know why it worries me so much-but it does! The poor kid! I noticed last night his head was HOT! It was weird. When i was changing him before bed, I noticed that his back/stomach were really hot. Thank goodness I took his temperature. It was 101.5! I gave him some motrin and luckily he slept through the night. He woke around 7:15am and he was on fire! The poor kid was shaking! I immediately gave him some motrin. He was sooo clingy. I could not do anything! He was on me His cheeks were so rosey. He was so lethargic-wouldn't eat much, and certainly didn't drink much! That was a worry!

And to top it all off-he took a 2.5 hour nap! Go figure! He naps no more than 30 minutes/day! And of course Nicholas slept for "only" an hour. No break I tell ya! Finally, around 4pm, Anthony started to act like his self-he was eating, drinking, laughing, and playing. It was great. The fever never came back-and hopefully he is better now. 

So it was quite the day-but we survived it. Nicholas was SOOO good. It's like he knows. He was so happy running around playing, playing with Sadie. He was great. All Anthony did-with me-was sit on the couch and watch Jack's Big Music Show and Baby Einstein. But gosh was he cute! Such a cuddle bug! And when Nicholas woke up from his nap-he laid on me-it was so sweet. I have the best kids-I really really do! 

Tomorrow Tony is off for most of the day(YES!). We are going out to lunch with his cousin's who are moving to Wyoming next week. So sad. Hopefully the boys will be on their best behavior! :)

Next post I need to add photos. I am trying to go to bed early tonight.... We'll see!