Thursday, November 19, 2009

Two years old and big changes!

The boys had their two year appointment today. All is going well for them. The Dr did say they are not to have more than 24 oz of milk/day. Apparently he doesn't know my kids! It's like their comfort-milk! I need to stop giving it tot them but it is just sooo hard! Anthony has geographic tongue. The Dr. said it had no effect on him. You can google it if you want! When he drinks milk, you can tell his tongue is different-it's like, well, a map! On his tongue! :)

Nicholas is weighing in at 27lbs6oz and he is 35 inches tall! Anthony is weighing in at 23lbs15oz and is 32 inches tall! The nurse tried really hard to give Anthony that extra ounce, but it wasn't happening! And there is 3 inches between them in height. Funny because that's what I was telling everyone! A mother knows! What else... They got the swine flu vaccine today as well. Currently, the swine flu is wreaking havoc across the US. It especially affects kids. And in order to protect Annabella, I had the boys get the vaccine. Funny thing is though, they possibly have ALL had the flu already(regular flu season hasn't even started yet). Annabella had gone in with a fever of 103.7 and the pedi looked at her and immediately said flu. So who knows.

The boys were discharged from EI services on Monday. It was sad to say goodbye to Elissa their therapist. It was a short six months, but the gains they have made are AMAZING! Nicholas is now consistently putting two words together. For example, "NiNi's turn" "Bella's diaper" "Momma up!" It's really amazing to listen to!

And the most important thing Nicholas has done?? I put them down for nap today(11/19). As I am laying them down and covering them up, I say, "Night night. Bye bye. Love you." And-they repeat the first two back to me. Never have they said "love you" back. That is-until today. I said the three sentences to Nicholas and he responded with, "Love you!" Now-how AMAZING is that?!?!!? The joys of motherhood I tell you!

And lately Nicholas has been quite the affectionate one. Usually he is so busy doing other things and isn't into sitting with you, etc. Lately though, it's "Momma up! Up Momma!" And he wants me to pick him up and hold him. Such a sweet kid!

He did manage to break his glasses after wearing them-albeit sporadically-for a week. We are now patiently waiting for new ones to come in. Let's hope it is SOON.

I tell ya-these two boys keep me on my toes! But they are just the sweetest little things-most of the time! ;) We laugh constantly. We're silly together. We dance together. We read together. We snuggle together. It never gets old. They are just such lovely little boys. And sweet. And caring. They dote on their little sister. It is AMAZING to see how good they are with her. Now-I still wouldn't leave them alone with her(more than a minute or so). But they are just so cute with her! They kiss her GENTLY on her head-and on their own accord! When I've feeding her they'll kiss her, or they'll rub her head, or burp her. They don't understand their strength, so I don't think they are really being malicious with her. Anthony does seem to get a bit excited too by her. And she ADORES them! She sees them and immediately she has an enormous smile for them. And they reciprocate. It's just so special to see! I still can't believe I am a mother to three.

Sometimes I wonder why I was ever worried in the first place!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

More photos...

A few more birthday photos and Nicholas and Annabella.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Birthday photos!

I am too lazy to go and rearrange the photos. But you get the jist of them! These were taken on their party(17th) and on their actual birthday(18th).