Monday, March 29, 2010

Moving, moving, MOVING!

Lookout! She's on the prowl! That's right-Annabella is CRAWLING! Woohoo! I thought this day would never come! She's been moving at least one knee forward, and then she would collapse and start whining. However-today-she went-and kept on going! She's still a bit unsteady at her new found freedom-but I guarantee by the end of the week, she'll be blowing by everybody! Of course we put some Cheerios in front of her to get her to move forward. ;)

In relation to where she stands on the milestone chart in comparison to her brothers... Nicholas crawled 9 days BEFORE his nine month birthday. Anthony crawled 10 days AFTER his nine month birthday. And Ms. Annabella crawled 19 days AFTER her nine month birthday. I thought she would be the earliest-and she was the latest! Funny, huh? In other news-she *could* be first when it comes to walking. She has stood up on her own for up to 30 seconds! Tony had her standing on the table tonight-he let go-and she stood there for 30 seconds. Unassisted. Craziness!

We are dealing with sickness yet again. We were actually really good for quite some time. The Christmas/winter season got us all good-well the kids at least. They had colds that lasted WEEKS. Yesterday, 3/28, we drove into Boston to go to the Children's Museum because they have a Curious George exhibit. The boys are HUGE into Curious George. Nicholas had a cough that morning and a very slight runny nose. Even my mother in law said he seemed fine at her house. Now, Nicholas hasn't gotten car sick since 12/25/2008. And well-yesterday-he did. THANKFULLY I had extra clothes in the car! We would have been in big trouble if we didn't! I'm thinking the coughing/runny nose/being awake didn't help-and he couldn't handle it.

So we went to the museum, as we were essentially there. Nicholas seemed to get worse the closer we got. Halfway through the musuem I noticed he was burning up. We finished up the museum then headed home, and stopped for dinner along the way. He luckily slept most of the ride home as he was EXHAUSTED. Poor kid. I hate when they are sick! He still had a fever today, and sounds horrific. I'm just hoping no one else gets whatever it is he has! Easter is this Sunday!

Well, off to bed. Annabella has been sleeping pretty decently as of late. Let's hope the trend continues and that I didn't just jinx myself!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Can you believe it? Already! She's gone from this:
To this:


She had her nine month pediatrican appointment. Are you ready for the stats? She weighs in at 19.13lbs!!! And she's 28 inches long! In comparison... Anthony was 23.15lbs and 32 inches at his TWO YEAR appointment! She's going to be big! She got the second round of the H1N1 Flu shot. That was it! The pediatrician gave us the go ahead to start/try all types of food. She is not the easiest kid to feed, to say the least. She clamps her mouth shut. Seriously. But looking at her, you would never know it! He said not to change anything-obviously what we are doing is great. So-that's that!

In terms of her development, she can get on all fours and rock. She tries to crawl, but usually gets one leg stuck. I *think* I saw her crawl forward today, but I'm not sure I can count it. If I did, then it means she is almost ready to go-and boy will she! She is trying to pull up, and when successful, can get to her knees. Once she realizes all the things she can do-it's going to be a whole new world for her!

The fun is just beginning!

Aww Moments!

You know, I would read various forums, where moms would gush about the cute things their kids said. As I would read, I would sit with wonder. Would my kids do that? What would they say? Does it really happen? And here, two days in a row, I was able to have those "aww" moments. While eating dinner the other night, Nicholas turned to me and said, "Momma thank you cook!" That translates to, "Thank you momma for cooking dinner!" How sweet is that?!?!? It's not like Tony and I sit at the table and thank each other for the meal we cooked(not that it's a bad idea...). He wasn't coerced by Tony, or myself, or anyone else for that matter. It just brought a huge smile from my face! He is too sweet for words!

And yesterday, while I was getting dressed for storyhour, Anthony was in the room with me. He looked at me and said, "Beautiful mama!" What? He just said I was beautiful! And then he turned to Annabella and said the same thing!

There is no greater love than the love I have for my kids-and they keep coming up with more and more ways why!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Houston-We have a TOOTH!

Well-it's looking like we have THREE teeth! Friday, February 26th I noticed a tooth had FINALLY popped through. The only "problem" with the tooth popping through is that it is her left incisor! The fang tooth! OUCH!

And now today, March 1, I can see her bottom TWO teeth about to make their way through. One has barely popped up-but it's there! I say by the end of the week she will have three teeth! And today was also a big day for Ms. Annabella. Remember trying to feed her baby food? What a hassle it is? Well tonight I made meatloaf for dinner and Tony had her try some. She gobbled it right up!!! She LOVED it! How do I know? Probably because she actually OPENED her mouth! Stinker that she is! Here are a few photos of this BIG day. TABLE FOOD!