Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Here are some much needed photos...We'll see how many I have the patience for! 

Baking cookies!

All covered in flour!

How cute are they?

Easter photos from Sears

One of my favorites-at the park feeding the ducks:

Friday, April 3, 2009


I can honestly tell you every night I tell myself I need to come here and update. However, I'm lazy and I do not. But-here I am! So-here goes! 

When I last posted a month ago..Anthony was sick with his first fever. Well-then he woke up with a cold, a lovely cough, and a rash. Nicholas also got the cough/cold. They were sick for almost 3 weeks-on and off. It was not fun! Nicholas had a rash appear once his cold disappeared two weeks ago... Thank goodness that was over with! Then last Saturday, we had plans to go to a local zoo. Nicholas woke up rather warm, but I attributed it to him just waking up. Nope. We got home from the zoo and he had a fever of 102.5. I knew he didn't feel well. I felt so bad for him. The fever didn't break and they have ALWAYS broke when they've had fevers before-with Motrin of course. So from Saturday afternoon until Monday, the poor kid had a fever. Finally on Monday it broke and I thought we were in the clear. Nope. Come Tuesday morning, when we had a playdate-Nicholas woke up with a lovely rash all over his stomach and back. I did some research and think he has Roseola which is highly contagious. Knock on wood Anthony has not gotten it. Yet. 

So as you can imagine-Nicholas was miserable for a few days. And to be honest, I was quite worried about him. He was just miserable-not happy, laughing, running around like he usually does. I am happy to report however, that he is back to normal and is his happy self again!

How are the boys doing? Well-overall I think they are doing great. I am having them evaluated for speech delays. I am not sure where I stand on this, as I of course think they are little geniuses! ;) However-they do not speak. At all. No hello, hi, bye, cat, dog. Nothing. They CAN say mamama and dadada...but I am not all convinced it's in the right context. They also know the sounds an elephant, lion, sheep can make. And we are working on cat/cow as we speak. They understand EVERYTHING we say to them. They can match up pictures to do a puzzle. Ask them to find something in a book-and they will(Anthony is really good at this). They just may need some help getting the words out. At times, I don't want to rush them speaking-they are still my babies, ya know? But at other times, the whining and the constant, "EH!" will be nice to stop. Maybe I should get them on video soon...

Both boys are doing REALLY well using their utensils. We give them forks now as well(maybe for the last 2-3 months) and just recently they've started to get the hang of it. If we help with putting the food on the fork/spoon, they are able to get it in their mouth. They seem so proud of doing it themselves too! 

Foods they self feed with utensils:
-cereal(they LOVE LOVE LOVE Cheerios!)
-shepherd's pie
-scrambled eggs
-mashed potatoes

Those are just a few! Really-they are not fans of us feeding them! Oh-and they LOVE strawberries! They can eat a whole pound in a sitting! I am glad they love fruit because they certainly do not like vegetables(besides Anthony and his peas). 

Let's see...what else? Nicholas has been starting to have tantrums. Not sure if they are really classified as one, but he does get upset if he doesn't get his way and cries, etc. No throwing of his body to the ground or anything like that-kicking, pounding fists, etc. I do my best by trying to ignore it. I have a book I need to read about raising respectable, well-behaved toddlers. That's my biggest fear-they do not behave for me/others. It's hard. I'm home all day with them-so sometimes I may need to give in for my sanity! We'll see...Hopefully the book gets read before the baby arrives!

The weather is finally starting to warm up around here. Now if it would only stop being windy/rainy we would all be happy! We got the boys a sand/water table and they love to go out on the deck and play. I took them outside alone the other day and it went surprisingly well. They didn't take off all over the place-they stayed in the driveway and pushed the lawnmowers and other toys. I was pleased with them-and myself for just doing it! I feel bad I don't take them out as often-it's something I need to work on. Although-nice weather would make it happen a bit more often!

I will stop here. I know there is plenty more to update on. I will post again before the weekend is over and add pictures as well! I hate to take up too much space! ;)