Wednesday, February 25, 2009

16 Month Update!

The boys has their 15 month appointment yesterday(I know-a month later-I hate when that happens). Overall-everything is really good. Nicholas weighs 23.10lbs and Anthony weighs 21.14lbs. Nicholas is 31 1/4 inches tall and Anthony is 29 inches even. He's my little shorty! :) As for his head size-it's great! He is going back onto the growth curve-so that is a relief-and one that we figured was going to happen. So the Dr is pleased about that. Overall, there are no real concerns, with the exception of either of the boys talking. The Dr. seemed a bit more concerned than I thought he would be. I'm guessing maybe because they do not use "mama" and "dada" in the right context. Anthony sometimes seems to...but it's certainly not consistent. He said to contact EI and have them come out and evaluate them. I'm not overly concerned as 1.) they are twins, 2.) they are boys, and 3.) they understand EVERYTHING we say. Plus, as a teacher, I know all kids are different and learn at different rates, etc. In their own time they will talk-and once they do-WATCH OUT! The Dr. did seem rather impressed(as I think he should be!) that Anthony was pointing to various objects in the book, etc. It's really amazing to watch him find keys, balls, the dog, cat, penguin, elephant, lion, etc... And if he wants your attention while he is doing it-he practically screeches! It's quite humorous!

Overall though-the Dr. said they were excelling everywhere else, that they were growing great, look healthy, etc. So that's great. They had to have their shots-MMR and chicken pox. I will say I was VERY nervous about the MMR shot. For what reason-is beyond me, as I do NOT believe it causes autism. I think it is caused somewhat by genetics and environmental. But to pin point it on this one vaccine is crazy-because then every kid would have autism. Not the case. And-autism is higher in boys-so I think that's where my worries were! I am happy to report they had no reaction whatsoever and were relatively happy boys the rest of the day. Oh! And it was my first shots with them(besides the flu shot-that was wimpy and quick). Tony ALWAYS holds them for their shots and then I take them and comfort them. Well, Nicholas was NOT happy at being at the Drs. office, so I held him. I had to give him a bear hug while she got him in both arms. He wailed. And then calmed down and the world was right again! Tony held Anthony and he quickly calmed down as well. I will say-overall they do REALLY well for shots. Thank goodness! I would be a MESS! 

Other than that-all is well! They are just the light of our lives! They really truly are. Who knew twins could be so much fun???? :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Smarty pants!

I have to say, I think my boys are pretty smart! I know I am their mother, and possibly biased as well...But...I still think they are rather smart! Today I brought out two puzzles. They are animal puzzles they got for their birthday-really easy to do, not a lot of pieces. Well, the last time I did a puzzle with them, Anthony just handed me the pieces and I would put them in. This time, I would give him a piece, and he would put it in the right spot! HUH? Now granted, it might not have been PERFECTLY in the right spot-but it was there! I was amazed! And it's so funny because you can see his eyes looking all over the place for the right spot. What a smarty pants. Then, he was watching Baby Einstein Baby Noah(animals). When the lion came on, he would come into to the dining room, make the lion noise, then go back and watch the video. It was sooo cute! He's such a stinker! And books...oh my goodness does he love books! He points to ALL the animals...and screeches to get your attention! It's quite funny! Nicholas also loves books and points to everything in them. 

They are 16 months old now, and no they do not talk. We do see the pedi tomorrow and we'll see if he is concerned. If he recommends EI, so be it. I am not totally concerned yet. They understand everything, and Nicholas actually has a few sounds. While reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear today, it seemed like he was trying to say the beginning sounds of some of the animals. In their own time, they'll get there. Words or no words, I still think they are little geniuses! :) 

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Photos and more!

The boys are so much fun lately! Here's a "quick" rundown...

Anthony LOVES to help. And by I mean help, I mean CLEAN! This child certainly is NOT mine! ;) He was in the tub the other day and he was handing me the toys to put away! When the bibs, utensils, and cups are thrown from the highchair, Anthony will pick them up and come hand them to me. If he sees paper, etc on the floor-he picks it up, and will sometimes put it in the trash(he does need some help opening the drawer). He will gladly hand Nicholas his sippy cup or even a snack. He's such a sweetheart! He really is. Genuine, ya know? I didn't know they learned to do these things at 15 months old! He is also a HUGE fan of taking off his shoes and socks. I have started to not even bother putting his shoes on until we have reached our destination. Why? Because he will take them off five times before I even make it to the car, and then they will disappear once we are in the car. It's tiresome! We have arrived at various destinations with one shoe on, and one sock off. He thinks nothing of it!

Nicholas is now into the "running away phase. And frankly, it's quite cute. It does get tiresome, but I don't run after him! I just wait for him to come near me and quickly grab him. If I say, "Nicholas-let's go change your diaper" he will instantly look at me, smile, and run the other way! Stinker! He also is now into climbing. He can't climb much-but he CAN climb onto the train table. Not nice! I was folding laundry one day and he was making a noise like he needed help. I was in the other room saying, "Nicholas, use your words." Well, once I finished, I walked into the playroom and there he was....Standing tall on his train table. He was making noise because he couldn't get down! I grew a lot more gray hairs that day! He is now also trying to climb the stairs-STANDING. CRAZY! How did he learn that? I certainly didn't teach him! He does well I might add. And he is also learning to hold our hands if we take him out of the stroller(only done if there are two of us). Anthony...needs some work! :) 

Tony and I say daily how amazed we are that we have two babies(toddlers, I know). It's just so amazing to think we made these beautiful babies. I am in awe everyday. I can't even begin to imagine my life without them. I would be lost. They are the best thing that ever happened to me. To us. Do you know how many times at night-AFTER they are in bed-that we say, "Let's go wake them up!" How many parents say that? And no we are not crazy! They bring just sheer joy. Amazing. 

Well I need to add some photos. Slacker. I know. I may do many posts of photos. We'll see how adventurous I get!

Anthony trying hard to put his shoes on!

         How cute is that photo???

Awww..they really do love each other!

This is what happens when you wake at 5:45am!

I asked Anthony for kisses...instead he stuck his tongue out at me(and yes I taught him that!)

Give a kid some tissue paper and he will be entertained for hours! Well..not quite. Maybe 10 minutes...

                  Too cute!

          Such a little boy!

A picture is worth a thousand words! 

         So sweet!

     How precious!

I love this photo. They were giving each other high-fives outside. It                                                   was their first time in the snow as well.