Thursday, March 18, 2010


Can you believe it? Already! She's gone from this:
To this:


She had her nine month pediatrican appointment. Are you ready for the stats? She weighs in at 19.13lbs!!! And she's 28 inches long! In comparison... Anthony was 23.15lbs and 32 inches at his TWO YEAR appointment! She's going to be big! She got the second round of the H1N1 Flu shot. That was it! The pediatrician gave us the go ahead to start/try all types of food. She is not the easiest kid to feed, to say the least. She clamps her mouth shut. Seriously. But looking at her, you would never know it! He said not to change anything-obviously what we are doing is great. So-that's that!

In terms of her development, she can get on all fours and rock. She tries to crawl, but usually gets one leg stuck. I *think* I saw her crawl forward today, but I'm not sure I can count it. If I did, then it means she is almost ready to go-and boy will she! She is trying to pull up, and when successful, can get to her knees. Once she realizes all the things she can do-it's going to be a whole new world for her!

The fun is just beginning!

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