Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm going to be an AUNT!

TO TWINS! Whoohoo! My sil FINALLY called me back this afternoon and my nephew who is 5 could barely contain himself. He wanted to get on the phone. So SIL let him, he gets on and goes, "MOMMY HAS BABIES IN HER BELLY!" HUH?!?!? I thought he said it because he was obsessed with the twins when they were born, etc... I just thought he mispronounced it! NOPE! He was dead right!

I am so excited I just can't wait! They are due November 24th, 2008. So-the twins will be 13 months apart! How freakin' exciting!!! They are not going to find out the sex of the babies, as they did not with the first two. So we will be sitting on pins and needles until then! Can't wait! And you can be sure we will be making a trip to meet those babies while in the hospital! No doubt about it!

On to other news...Nicholas has his first cold! :( So sad. Poor guy. However-he's really good. He's a bit stuffy, runny nose, cough, other than that-he's in good spirits. I hope it stays that way. We have the vaporizer on in their room and I hope it does the trick. As for Anthony-it seems like he has hit a new milestone. He can hold his bottle! Yay! He hasn't mastered it yet-but he's pretty good. He hasn't learned to hold it back, along with his head. He generally has his right hand unfolded and his left hand is still clenched in a fist. Too cute. They both are! And when Nicholas gets fussy-I hold my arms up/out to him and say "You want to come with Mommy?" Something to that sort anyways... And he holds his arms out, rocks a bit, and as I go for him, gets the biggest smile on his face! Gotta love it! Nothing greater than being a mom! 

Tomorrow I will post pictures of the boys. They are good ones!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Before I forget-I need to write about what is NEW over here! First of all-Anthony cut his SECOND tooth! 2 for Anthony, 0 for Nicholas. In due time I am sure. Anthony's first tooth came in on Sunday, May 18 at exaclty 7 months old, and his 2nd one popped in on Monday May 19. Double whammy. And honestly-he has been REALLY good! Maybe over the last week there would be times where he would SCREAM-not for long-but we had no clue. Well-now we do! And of course all the other tell tale signs of drooling, gnawing on anything that moved, etc...

Also-Anthony TODAY just started to move those little legs while he's in the jumper. It's the CUTEST thing EVER. He still doesn't know how to jump yet. He moves those feet around like a fish out of water. I will have to get it on video. Maybe tomorrow.

Next-I gave the boys Arrowroot biscuits to teeth on after their morning solids. Well-I didn't realize how thin they were-and Anthony went to TOWN. I noticed he bit a piece off, so I took them away. I took it away from Nicholas. Note to self: BAD IDEA! He SCREAMED bloody murder! He was PO'D about that! I of course felt so bad that I did it! These boys are going to get away with a LOT! 

And lastly-I think Nicholas is now letting us know when he wants to be picked up. On Saturday, he turned and kinda swat at my arm and sil's when he was done. Then today he was in the living room on the floor. He looked at me, started fussing, and moving his hand to my arm. So cute! I'm sure I might not think so in a few months when I am trying to get things done!

Oh-and Anthony was getting mad at Nicholas for taking his toys while at Grandma and Grandpa's tonight. I think we are headed into new territory! But gosh-it is just so darn cute! 

Sunday, May 18, 2008


EEK! Where in the world did the last seven months go??? Anyone know? I guess it's been filled with sleep deprived nights, nightly feedings, changing diapers, bottle after bottle, pumping after pumping session, tears, smiles, laughter, squealing, babbling, rolling over, sitting up, TEETH(more on that in a moment), solid feeding, walks, sleeping through the nights, music classes, play time, walks, visitors, outings to the mall, visiting family and friends... The list is endless. It's been a busy 7 months-but the most enjoyable yet! They are getting so big everyday! 

What's new? Nicholas is a rolling fool. Diaper changes are a big challenge. He immediately wants to roll to his stomach-which he actually does 99% of the time. He has ezcema which seems to be spreading-so we will be calling the Dr. Monday morning. He drinks his bottle in no time, but he needs to be a bit more entertained when it comes to solids. I have to take out toys, finger foods, spoons, even the dog gets in on it! No easy task! He can sit unassisted for a good while! He and Anthony can sit on the floor in the living room and play for awhile. It's so nice!
Nicholas, when he gets your face near his mouth, goes to town! He slobbers all over you and talks. It's the cutest thing ever! But what isn't?!? 

Anthony LOVES to screech! I mean LOVES! Part of it is probably to hear himself, another part is out of sheer enjoyment/happiness, and the last part is because he is po'd and wants you all to know it! He smiles and smiles and smiles. I once said he would smile at a stick walking by! I'd even bet money on it! He too can sit unassisted! His bottle feeding takes a bit longer, but he's a champ when it comes to eating solids. He sees me getting it ready and he puts his arms out to the side, clenches his fist, and starts smacking his lips/making squealing noises. He's got to learn patience! He's still not jumping or rolling from belly to back-but in due time. I'm not rushing him. I can't compare the two because they are INDIVIDUALS. Need to remember that!
And last but not least-he has a TOOTH! Granted-it's like the tippity tip-but it's there! I can feel it! I hope when it finally pops through he is ok.... Fingers crossed! He's been fine so far! 

They BOTH STTN! They have been since April 25th when we did CIO. What a miracle that was. Not to say they were difficult beforehand though. It's just nice going to bed and not having to wake up once or twice a night! As I said before-they sit up. Probably April 18 when we went to their cousin's house we noticed that they were for an extended period of time. Ever since then-they've been sitting in the Boppy. I'd say they've mastered it-but I would still keep stuff around them for the time being. Anthony will reach for something and not quite put his hands down, so he topples over. And Nicholas will find his way on his stomach... They are both taking a music class. We take it Saturday mornings. They LOVE music so I wanted to do something as a family, and get them around other babies. They were so cute! We even bought some instruments for them. At the class, the instructor sang and we sang along, danced along, and played some instruments with her. She let us use drums(the boys favorite) and something like a individual xylophone-with sticks! To infants! Luckily we all have our eyes still!

They both love to smile and laugh. Getting them to laugh is no easy feat. The dog does better with Nicholas than we do! They love high pitched noises and silliness. We read book after lunch/dinner(when remembered) and they now LOVE Pat-A-Cake! Nicholas will put his hands over my hands and we will do it together. They will sit together or next to each other and play with the various toys. One will have a toy, the other will see it, and grab it. Doesn't phase them... YET.

Phew! I think that's the update. It's gone by soo fast and I would stop time if I could! They are just the best babies ever! And my mom said the best comment today, "Those who have one baby get jipped. I mean, really!" It's true-I get to go through all these milestones-TWICE-and at different times, with two totally different babies. It's great! 

Now here are their 7 month photos from today!
                                                         My shaker's and mover's!
                                                     How freaking cute is that??
  Posing for their 7 month shot
Nicholas smiling for the camera! 
       Such a cutie!
Anthony poses for his 7 month shot
        What a ham!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


I have waited all my life for this day. I never realized I have either. Until this day arrived. Last night as I rocked Anthony before I put him in his crib, I started to cry-and I couldn't control it. I cried and I pulled Anthony even closer to me. He was crying, and I was crying along with him. Happy tears of course. Because I was about to celebrate my first Mother's Day. The years of heartaches, tests, needles, doctor appointments, shots, medicine, ultrasounds, surgeries, negative pregnancy tests were all worth it-to be able to wake up this morning, walk into the boys nursery and see two sets of the most beautiful eyes you will ever see. My sons. Mine. I am a mother. A mom. My miracles. The ones I yearned for for years. When we were dealing with infertility, I never knew then why it wasn't happening. Why we were not getting pregnant. Now I know. My boys were not ready to meet me. The timing wasn't right. But it most certainly is now. 

Today was an amazing day. It is now officially my favorite holiday. We don't even have to do anything. There is nothing in this world more rewarding than being a mother. Nothing. Today we took the boys to Stanley Park, which is the same park where Tony asked me to marry him. It was a beautiful day and I tried to savour every moment. We sat in the grass with the boys and had lunch. We took pictures. We walked around. Most of all-I enjoyed being a mom. Watching my boys look around at their new surroundings-touching the grass, pulling dandelions, looking up at the bright blue sky, listening to the cars whizzing by, looking at the bright blossomed tulips. I held my boys close, whispered in their ear "I love you" over and over again. I let them touch my face, bite my finger, drool all over me. Things only a mother could love. And I did. 

After the park we went looking for a tree to plant to remember this Mother's Day. We didn't find one yet. It has to be just the right one. Then we came home and cleaned and got ready for dinner. We were having both sets of parents over for dinner. It was really a good time. We gave our gifts to our moms-which we a huge hit. We got them 3 photos of the boys done at the photographer's house, and then a photo book of the boys first six months of life. They loved them! 

After dinner we watched videos of Nicholas laughing hysterically at the dog. Then the video of him jumping to "Cotton Eye Joe." I looked over at my parents, sister, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, and husband all sitting there laughing, with tears running down their faces. These boys have brought so much joy into our lives, as well as everyone else's. I just savoured that moment of how happy everyone was. I never imagined a child could do that-let alone two of them. 

Thank you boys for making me the proudest mother in the world. I love you both! 

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Well...We have survived thus far! No one has been injured, no one has run away, I haven't had a breakdown, so I think everything is going well! Now-I wouldn't have a breakdown. My boys are really good-so I can't complain. As long as I get them napping in that sacred 2 hour window-all is well! I made a BIG mistake on that on Monday! Let's just say-I learned my lesson! Nicholas boycotted naps that day. Overall he was relatively happy. Mommy was not!

On Monday-he was in his johnny jumper and I could hear him laughing. I was wondering what the heck he was laughing at. So I walked into the kitchen and I see Sadie walking around. I go and grab a Cheerio and chuck it across the floor. Nicholas LAUGHS and LAUGHS! So I ran and grabbed the videocamera and started taping. Nicholas was laughing HYSTERICALLY! He has NEVER laughed like that! OMG I was laughing so hard. It was the best thing to see! Now if I only had a clue on how to post it on the web. Oh some day...

This morning, the boys woke up at 6 am. I prefer 7, but I've learned to compromise seeing how they are sleeping through the night(STTN). So their first nap was at 8am. Just after 9, I heard Anthony, so I went up there and saw that Nicholas was awake also. I put Anthony in Nicholas' crib. So Nicholas was on his stomach, and Anthony was on his back and they could look at each other. Whenever Nicholas looked at Anthony, Anthony would giggle! It was so darn cute! Anthony is soooooo in love with his big brother! Now I just hope it stays that way! 

We are a few days away from Mother's Day. I could tell Tony what I want for a "gift." Or what I want to do for the day. But in all honesty, I want him to do it-plan it-start to finish. I mean, this is my FIRST Mother's Day. Something I've yearned for all my life. I am not about to plan it! He did mention to me on the phone he could get me a diamond bracelet. And you know what-that's not what I want. Honestly. I didn't even bat an eye. I really think I have everything I need. My boys are what I wanted, I wanted to be a MOM-and I am. What more could I really ask for? I've got it all! ;)

And just to show you-here it is:

Monday, May 5, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

Oh boy. It just might be a long week at my house. Tony is gone. He's on a trip to Las Vegas for "work." Ya right! It's work until Tuesday-and then somehow...they are not coming home until Friday at midnight-when their plane lands! Must be nice to just hop on a plane and go on a vacation! I'm just sitting here wondering when I might have a vacation.... 

In all honesty-I can only imagine how hard it was for him to leave the boys. He really didn't want to go because he didn't want to leave them(I've since become a distant memory ;) ). He told me that he is enjoying them SOO much now(not that he didn't before)-everyday they are doing new things. It's so amazing to watch! Anthony now screeches when he wants something-or he wants attention. Nicholas can roll from back to belly-we need to watch out with him! They are getting better at sitting on their own. Anthony has two little white spots on his gums-when those teeth will actually come through is beyond me. They are now STTN! YAY! CIO worked for us-not that they really cried. But they seriously have not woken up in the middle of the night in at least a week! I make sure their first feeding is 8 oz. They usually drink the whole amount, or just about. It seems also that their spit up has lessened just a bit too. 

They are just the happiest little babies. I just stare at them in amazement and wonder how I was so lucky to have them. At night I miss them when they are sleeping in their cribs. Anthony with his hands by his side, and Nicholas all contorted with his little butt up in the air. How cute is that? And they are sound asleep! They are just the best babies-and EVERYONE can not get enough of them!

And it's rather funny...we go to functions, etc...where there are a lot of family members and everyone is like, "let me help you, let me hold the baby, give you a break" etc... And to be honest-I don't need a break. Sure it's nice, but really-I do it all day long, everyday. I have no complaints. I love my job and I love what I do. I don't need the help-I do very well on my own. I love my kids and we worked very hard to get them. It didn't happen at a snap of the fingers. It was a long 4 years. I don't need a break. I waited four years for this, that was my break. Now that they are here-my break is over-and I'm so glad it is!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Rolling, rolling, rolling....

Guess what!! Nicholas-FINALLY-rolled from his back to his belly! Now we are in trouble! I say finally because he's been so close for soo long! He would arch and arch his back, but never flip over. He did it once today-and it was the longest process ever-but HE DID IT! YAY

Other NEW things:
-Anthony now likes to scream. Not a deafening scream or anything. It's like he wants to be heard. It's awfully cute I tell ya!
-They have both tried the Gerber puffs. They are not quite sure about them yet. Nicholas makes a face like they are the most sour things on Earth. But he will CHEW them. Pretty darn cute to watch. 
-Anthony would eat anything if he could. I was eating lunch today-and he was going NUTS-shaking his arms and moving his fingers because he wants MY food!
-Nicholas enjoyed when I shook my head at him-BIG smile. Tonight at my parents house-I did this to him. And he shook his head right back at me! I thought it was a fluke-he did it like FOUR TIMES! TOOO CUTE!

I just can't say enough how much I love my boys! Oh-and last night while putting them to bed-it was almost as if they were talking to each other. I had Nicholas, Tony had Anthony. Both boys were talking. Nicholas stopped, Anthony stopped too. Weird. Must be a twin thing!