Saturday, June 28, 2008

Trouble's a brewing!

Boy oh boy! Literally! These two boys are determined-and are starting to be on the prowl! Watch out ladies! ;) Nicholas has been getting up on all fours and rocking for about a month now. I am not so sure he is going to crawl at this rate, as I have watched him try to stand-or at least get up. Luckily for me-he hasn't quite figured that out yet! He does go backwards, and he is able to move while sitting. But still-no forward crawling movement. Yet. BUT... Today Tony went in to go get him from his nap. He called down to me and told me to get upstairs and to see him. Nicholas was still crying in his crib. My first question was, "Is he ok?" He was. I walked in-he is still crying, then he sees me and starts to chuckle(NEVER gets old), and I take one look at him-and he is SITTING. All by himself he got into a sitting position! YAY Nicholas! My little boy is growing up! I then watched him the ret of the afternoon perfect this new ability! It's so amazing to watch them grow on a DAILY basis. And sad at the same time...

Not to be outdone by his brother, Anthony is trying to do the same tricks as Nicholas. Anthony goes from a sitting position to his stomach. He tries to get into a sitting position from laying down, but that hasn't happened yet. He, as well as Nicholas, do the weirdest thing. They are on their bellies, and then they get up onto their FEET! With their hands still on the ground. It's almost like they are doing pushups. It's the funniest-and oddest thing! I don't ever recall other children doing this! 

Today daddy got up with them and I slept in for a bit. They were up rather early to. I hope they sleep in a little bit tomorrow. They took about an hour nap and then we were off to music class. They seem to enjoy it, at least I think they do. They haven't told me otherwise! ;) They both seem to like the drums and the bells. It's so cute to watch. They love their music! 

After music a friend came over and brought her 7 week old Old English Sheepdog to show the boys. The boys LOVE dogs! Too bad their own doesn't really care about them! "George" was very good with the boys, and took a bit of interest in some of their toys-as any dog would! I will post a photo of George at the end. They went down for their second nap and I went to Old Navy. I need to find some clothes to wear to Italy. I have nothing. Jeans and shirts. Fun times.

I got creative-if you want to call it that because it really wasn't-and made them ground turkey and sweet potato for dinner. Ya...not a hit. At all! Nicholas has more in his highchair than anything! I also had some cheese-which they LOVE. And then I fed them a container of mixed veg baby foods.  They scarfed that down. It was hot today-so after their dinner we put them in the pool on the deck. They enjoyed themselves! Anthony had a blast splashing away! Nicholas was not too fond of this little trick! After the pool-it was bottle and then bedtime!

I have to mention that I think we are on a new "schedule." I was feeding the boys 4 times a day-7,11,3, and 7. They were getting 8oz, 6oz, 6oz, and 8oz(to make up for what they didn't finish). We were also taking at least 3 naps a day. They were going down within every two hours of being awake. Well...Once I added in the 3rd meal, the times of those bottles have been off. Sometimes it's closer to 1pm instead of 11am for that 2nd bottle, etc. But I always managed the 4 bottles. About 2 weeks ago, I was putting them down for their 3rd nap and Nicholas after about 10-15 minutes-would start screaming. I would take him out of the room so he wouldn't wake Anthony-and he would be fine the rest of the day. He was boycotting the nap. So I stopped the 3rd nap for him. 

For the past two days-they have had 3 bottles instead of 4. They are still getting the same amount of formula as they were with 4 bottles. Yes, it was 28oz vs 24oz, but-they NEVER finished every bottle! Now? They still don't! But much closer! And-the minimum amount of formula they should be having is 24oz-and that's where we are. If I go somewhere-I still bring that extra bottle. Ya just never know when I will need it! As for napping-we are down to 2-of course unless we go somewhere and are in the car, etc and they fall asleep. But since going to two naps-they sleep LONGER in the morning(vs the 5am wakeup calls) and they go down EASIER! It's heavenly. Not that they were hard to get down before... But they are going about 4 hours from nap wakeup to bedtime. They are doing great though! 

This twin thing never gets old! ;)

Some photos:

Anthony getting licked by George!
George "washing" Nicholas' hair!
Can we say babyproof?

"What mom? I shouldn't be doing this?"
The boys in their pool!
Mommy's little escape artist-ALWAYS on the move!

     "Hey! What's in here?"

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Neuro update!

After 17 longggggg months-yes-that's right-17 months...9 months of a pregnancy and 8 months of his short little life right now, Anthony FINALLY has a perfect clean bill of health! YAY!!!! If I was on the website, I could add a dancing banana in here! ;) 

I wasn't too worried about the appt because I see him everyday and I know that he is doing everything he is supposed to be doing. But still as a mother, you'd hate to have your child labeled, no matter what that label may be. Even now, some people would make comments about the size of his head, not knowing that it could potentially be of great concern. I am just thrilled beyond words that my sweet baby boy is ok-and it's something I may have known from the start!

This was the appt: The NP met with us, and we went over his ct scan. She said it looked beautiful. There was no fluid in the ventricles, the sutures didn't shut prematurely, etc. She said it all looked great. She did say there was some fluid in the front-but it's "common" and it wil be reabsorbed-so nothing to worry about. So-the end diagnosis for his big head was fluid and familial. Thank god. The Dr. came in and we went over the CT scan again. She measured his head-and it only grew .5cm in 2 months! I was very excited-it's still big though! She said at around 18 months it starts to level off, and it looks like that's where he is headed now. I am just thrilled beyond words. They basically took one look at him and could tell nothing was neurologically wrong with him. He flashed that smile and won their hearts in an instant! 

For a "quick" background on Anthony's short life so far.. At our first u/s, Baby B was a small sac. I didn't know the stats at the time, just that it was 2 weeks behind, and it was a yellow flag. Dr. mentioned if I did start to bleed, chances are, I was miscarrying Baby B. I was beyond thrilled I had twins. I met my mother and godmother for dinner. I told my godmother(who is a twin herself) that it was twins..BUT..and she stopped me. She said, "Meaghan. Don't even think like that. You are having twins. That baby is going to be fine. So get used to it!" From then on-I didn't worry about it!

Eventually, the sac size caught up where we couldn't even tell there was an issue. Fast forward to the nuchal fold test. As a first time mom-I wanted the extra u/s. So we went for it. Then the results came back-Baby B had a 1 in 49 chance of Down's. 2% chance. 98% chance he was healthy. As a mom, you hear 1 in 49, not 2% chance, not 98% chance all is well. We opted to not do anymore testing, unless further u/s's warranted it. Fast forward to the big u/s. Baby B's femur was shorter than A's. 4 weeks behind. Guess what that is a "soft spot" for? Yep-Down's. Dr was very nice in explaining things, so I felt good, for the most part, leaving that appt. We went back 4 weeks later-still the 4 week gap in length-but-it grew. A good sign. At all of the u/s's they could never get a good look at the heart, which would have given us maybe a little better idea if he had Down's or not. We opted out of all testing. We could handle what we were given. He's a miracle no matter what afflicted him, and we would love him no matter what. 

The day he was born, he came out 2nd and was quiet. But I didn't worry. I knew he was fine. Tony was able to sneak a quick peek, and he looked at me and said, "He's fine." I knew in my heart of hearts he was. Must be mother's tuition! ;) He did end up in the NICU for a week...again...more issues-fluid possibly on the lungs, heart murmur, spina bifida, lack of eating, yadayadayada.

We waited on pins and needles for his release date-it was just his eating that needed to be worked on. He was too tired to eat. And to think that back then he struggled to drink one ounce-wouldn't know it now!

So I end this with a beautiful picture of Anthony-and yes-Nicholas is just as beautiful! ;)

Can he get any more beautiful? I didn't think so...

Sunday, June 15, 2008


On February 19, 2007, Tony became a dad. That was the day I took a home pregnancy test and it was positive. I still remember Tony's reaction when I told him we were expecting. He was a bit confused("How do you know?"), but I explained it to him, we embraced, and cried 4 years of frustrations away... On March 12, 2007, Tony became a father-to twins. That was the day of our first ultrasound. My beta number was 126. A nice healthy number...we thought for one. I secretly wanted 2, but was more than thrilled with 1. I think we both thought one-as well as the nurse and the ultrasonographer. Well-we all know how that turned out! She said, "There's one with a heartbeat, and oh boy Meaghan-there's TWO!" I immediately started crying and laughing at the same time. Tony turned around and chuckled and said, "Oh my God!" It was then on-he embraced twins. 

He didn't freak out. He didn't worry. He didn't sweat. Instead-he got excited. Sure-he wondered about money-but who doesn't? Even with one baby? You will NEVER have enough money. Or the perfect house, perfect job. But what will you have? What's the most important in the life of a child? Love. And Tony gives that 110%. Tony has always shown such joy and excitement when talking about the boys-long before they were here. There are so many things he wants to experience with them-it's almost tiring! They have a busy schedule ahead of them! From soccer, to fishing, to camping, to planting a garden, to doing homework together, cooking, riding bicycles. You name it-he want's to do it. What more can you ask for? 

I could write PAGES on how great a father he is. I honestly could. I couldn't have picked a better father for my children if I tried. He is everything a child would want in a father. When he wakes in the morning, he comes down the stairs, and the boys immediately look towards the stairs and the voice. As soon as they see him, they smile from ear to ear. The both usually start kicking their feet and flailing their hands in excitement. He will spend a few minutes with them(on the day I get up early with them) and make them laugh, and then get ready for his day. Once he returns home from work, you don't hear, "Meg, let me go get changed. Meg, let me relax for a little while." Won't hear those words. Instead it's, "Give him to me." He wants them as soon as he walks in the door-and again-they are filled with excitement once they see him. They just love their daddy! I see it everyday in those smiles. Everyday. And when I go out alone, and he stays home with the boys. I don't worry. I know he can handle it. And he does a great job at it. Most fathers would freak out being alone with A baby, let alone TWO. Not Tony. He looks forward to it. Alone time with his boys...

So Tony-I may not tell you often enough, or I may nag you from time to time on your "parenting," but I want you to know that I think and know you do an AMAZING job with the boys. Amazing. I know I tell you to stop playing, because it's bedtime, or they're cranky, or whatever the reason may be. But when I stop and think about it, I think that's just silly. Play all you want. You'll never get those moments back and they are spending quality time with their father. So what if bedtime is off. That's something so minor. Instead-I need to look at it as a father WANTING to spend time with his children. WANTING to love them. WANTING to dote on them at every chance. WANTING to make them laugh and smile. And most of all? WANTING to be a father. 

On this June 15th, 2008, your first Father's Day, I want to thank you for being a wonderful father to Nicholas and Anthony. The boys are little, but they will soon realize, if they haven't already, what a special father you really are. Happy Father's Day! We love you! 

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Less than 5 weeks...

Oy. 4 weeks, 6 days. That's how much time is left. For me to get back to my bikini figure(hahaha) and until we board the plane for the boys first Italy. I can't believe it's coming so quickly! Now if I could only superglue my mouth shut-all would be well! 

As for the boys... They just crack us up! There has not been a day since October 18, 2007, where we have not laughed. Honestly. And for being first time parents-especially to twins-I think that is a good thing! Everyday Tony and I talk about the boys, and just end up laughing at what they do, what they sound like, how they look. It's just amazing! 

Anthony has found his tongue. You will catch him clicking his tongue throughout the day-when he's on his back or when he's eating solids. It's so cute to watch and hear. What else?? Hmmm... I know there is something but I of course can not think of it! 

Oh! I know! I have meant to mention about the spitting up. My boys were famous spitters. All they did was spit up, spit up, and spit up some more. It was quite annoying as I was covered in it, the couch, the floor, the babies, visitors, you get the picture. Well-it is safe to say that they boys have lessened the amount of spit up since they have been sitting up! Whoohoo! Don't get me wrong-they still DO spit up-but no where near the proportions they were before! Thank heavens! I'm glad it has gotten better, it's decreased the laundry-if there is such a thing!

Today we brough Auntie Meredith to pick up a car rental, and in the process I was able to get my car appraised-from the 84 year old wrong way driver that dented/scratched my passenger side. From there, the boys and I went and visited Daddy at the office. Came home and I put Anthony down for a nap and he slept for about an hour. I put Nicholas down too, but he wasn't having it, so I ended up going up there and getting him. For the last 3 days, Nicholas has boycotted that 3rd nap, and I am not stressing over it. Hopefully-he is ready to drop it and once Anthony does, it will make life a bit easier. I will be able to plan on going out after their second nap. If they sleep in the car, that's fine. It will be nice to not have to be tied to their cribs! 

I don't know if I mentioned it, but we started 3 meals on Saturday. They are doing really well with that. I think they are more hungry now! Crazy! My boys are well fed! 

Well...the bed is calling as tomorrow is my day to get up early. I like what Tony and I have done. I think it's only fair, and I'm lucky and glad that he thinks so too. We rotate waking up with the boys. I understand he works all day, and just because I don't leave the house doesn't mean I don't work all day. So one day one of us sleeps until 8 and the other wakes up with the boys. And before he was getting 4 days and I was getting 3. We came to an agreement that we would rotate that extra day. So one week he gets to sleep late 4 days, the next week 3 days. 

When you get married, have kids, etc... You learn life is all about compromise. It might take some time to get there, but in the end it is worth it. I'm lucky in that Tony sees things the same way! ;)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Hot stuff!

Talk about heat wave! It was 98 degrees here today! Well-at least that's what I have heard. I only went outside to put the dog out. Kinda stinks we can't even go out due to the oppressive heat! And tomorrow? SAME THING! It's a good thing we have central air-otherwise I'd be driving around town with that $4/gallon gas with the a/c on! 

But there is good news with this heat. Less clothes to wash! The boys spent their day in their diapers. No sense in putting a onesie on them. Too hot! Tomorrow we are going to venture out into the steam as we have to pick up Auntie Meredith to go pick up a rental car. The things we do for family! :) Might have to drive through for ice cream or a milkshake... Have to make the trip really worth it!

The boys have EI tomorrow. The therapist will be thrilled to know Nicholas is rocking and getting ready to crawl, and Anthony is a champ at finger foods. I have to ask her about Anthony's feet, as the point outward, vs straight ahead. I think it might be something he will outgrow, but at least I can point it out know and find out. I'll probably be calling the pedi sometime this week as I have some solid food questions before we venture off to Italy...

Speaking of which... FIVE WEEKS until we leave! Can you believe that? I think I am going to go on the starvation diet from here on out! No lie! Nothing like being the "fat American" over there. In one breath they will tell you you are fat, and in the next, force food down your throat! You will never win! Oh well...

Here are some photos of the boys from their music class. So cute! Nicholas does NOT like it when Ms. Kathy takes away the sticks. He cries everytime! I just got pictures of them playing with the drums...

Boys listening intently...

Anthony starts drumming!
Nicholas gives drumming a try...
That is Nicholas on ALL FOURS! Go Nicholas! 

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Catch up!

OK. I think I finally have time-or at least made the time-to write. Every single night I think about it-yet never end up doing it-so here I be.

I am just AMAZED at how much the boys are doing now! It's so great to see-but at the same time, sad. I just don't want them to grow up! Not this quick at least! They are going to be 8 months old in a week. EIGHT! I remember giving birth to them(even though I was high on drugs!) not that long ago! I could relive that moment every day! Anyways... Update time!

Last Saturday was a first. My first night away from the boys. I never thought it would be so hard-and it was! I cried and cried and cried. I was a miserable person that day-which my husband can attest to! He wasn't around(getting gas, mowing the lawn, getting hair cut) and it just added fuel to the fire! The boys had their music class and we had to leave at 10am. It was now 9:45am, and I still had to shower, get my clothes ready, get the boys ready, try to clean... and I was alone. I was NOT happy. I was just so frustrated with having no help. I look forward to the weekends because I can have some help and get some type of break. And I wasn't getting it. I just felt alone. Anyways-that has since passed! 

We got back from music, put them down for nap, got ready, and then waited for them both to wake up before we left. I said my goodbyes quietly, put on my sunglasses to hide the tears and we left. I cried for a bit, and eventually fell asleep. When I woke up-I got upset again because I realized they were not in the back seat! All in all-it was nice to get away(even though we woke up at 6am out of habit!), the concert was GREAT, and I won $300 on the slot machines! Whoohoo! So I survived the night away-not sure when I will do it again though! ;)

As for the boys:
*On Friday(6/6) he got up on his knees and started rocking! WOW! My boy is going to be crawling soon! 
*He holds his own bottle(7 months)
*Started eating more finger foods-bananas, peaces, pears, watermelon, cheerios, gerber puffs...
*says mamamamamama, and many others! I can't remember if he's not here babbling or me!
*is still a jumping FOOL!
*rolls ALL OVER THE PLACE! I put him on the bed to change his diaper yesterday-and he rolled the length of the bed! Oddly enough-he doesn't do it on the floor!
*PACIFIER GAME: I LOVE IT! When I put him to bed, I give him his pacifier. He puts it in his mouth, takes it out, and moves it around my face. I pretend to grab it in my mouth, and he starts to giggle! It's so darn cute! We repeat this a little bit, then I lay him down.
*He tilts his head to look at you-with such adoring eyes!
*When I go to pick him up-I put my arms out, and move my hands, saying "you want to come to mommy?" He immediately gives a BIG smile(even when fussing) and holds out his arms and waits for you to pick him up!
*has started screaming(with delight, sometimes anger)
*sits unassisted(started on April 18th-6 months-mastered by 7months)
*LOVES LOVES LOVES the dog! LOVES her! He sees her and he smiles and laughs away!

*Has TWO bottom teeth!
*says mamamamama, dadadadada, babababa)or blahblahblah-AND-he was NOT doing this 3 weeks ago! He was babbling-but no consonant/vowel sounds!
*holds his own bottle like a pro(7 months)
*on Friday 6/6 he got up on his knees for the very first time! It was quick-but he did it nonetheless!
*is AWESOME at finger foods! You put the food in front of him and he IMMEDIATELY goes for it-sometimes without looking! It's too funny to see!
*is also eating peaches, bananas, pears, watermelon, gerber puffs, cheerios. He LOVES his food!
*When you show him food/bottle, he takes his hands and starts turning them and opening and closing his fists. It's cute.
*plays the pacifier game too! Read above if you don't know what that is!
*sits unassisted(started on April 18th-6 months-mastered at 7 months). They still topple here and there.
*loves laying on his back! He kicks and giggles with glee!
*loves the bathtub! It's the rubber ducky one, I put some toys in it-and he splashes away!
*he now flaps his arms like Nicholas has been doing for a bit.
*LOVES the dog! He is becoming more and more aware of her.

I'm sure there is plenty more, but I can't think of it. They are sleeping, so hard to remember. I should do this when they are awake and in the moment! 

Well-that's about it for now. I really should do this every night. Maybe this is the start. I hope so. I want to remember this time and no better way then to write it all down! Til next time...

Monday, June 2, 2008

So much to say.... little time to say it all! But while it's fresh in my mind, I need to write it down, or next week I will be wondering when it all happened! Real quick as it is my bedtime...

Today Nicholas woke up early from his nap. So what I've been doing is bringing them into the bedroom with me and laying on the bed with them. We lay there and talk, sing, play, whatever keeps them happy. Today Nicholas and I were playing for a bit, laying down. Then I sat him up and decided to fold some laundry(which still needs folding). I turned on the TV to the kids music channel. I looked over at Nicholas and he was wiggling as he was sitting! He was dancing! So cute! Then-shortly thereafter, Anthony woke up. I ran and grabbed him(surrounded Nicholas with pillows and gave him objects to keep him occupied for 2 seconds) and brought him into the room with us. I put him next to Nicholas and Nicholas immediately reached over to Anthony and tried to grab his head, and kissed him. Or-he could have been trying to eat him. Whatever it was-it was awfully darn cute! I just LOVE watching them! They are the cutest kids! 

And tonight at dinner, I gave them some peaches! It was diced peaches I had in the fridge. I think they are so ready for finger foods-or more variety besides Gerber puffs. They did really well with them and they liked them. On Sunday, they had watermelon-and that was a hit too. All these new things-soooo exciting!

Well-it's long past my bedtime. I have lots of updating to do. Billy Joel, first night away, the boys, etc. Tomorrow my sister and I are going to a Red Sox game and seeing a good family friend-more like an uncle-throw out the first pitch. Should be a fun time!

Here's a photo or two to hold you over until next time...